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JUST BRENDA: My hubby does not know I'm his Facebook lover

Thursday June 13 2019

A woman using her computer.

I created a fake Facebook account to hit on my husband and he now wants to meet face-to-face. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Hi Brenda,

I have a second account on Facebook which I used to chat with and hit on my husband.

Now he is my Facebook lover and he keeps sending me money. He thinks I live in a different town and he even lied to me that he is a widower.

He wants a face-to-face meeting and I don’t know what to do. Obviously, I can’t let him know who I am or that the photos I have been sending him are not mine.


What in the world were you doing with a second Facebook account trying to entrap your husband? You have a bigger problem here than just meeting your husband.


Can you really say he cheated if you lured him into it? Of course you can. But you're not completely guiltless either, seeing as his wife you knew exactly what to say and how to say it to get him into you. Why did you do this?

You both deceived each other, which is the crux of the matter here. Neither of you respect your marriage, and perhaps that is why you are both perfect from it. You're both lying to each other at the same time.

Usually if you suspect your partner of something, you're supposed to ask them about it. Even if you do create a Facebook account, to gather proof or evidence or looking for excitement or whatever it is that you're looking for, it isn't supposed to go to the extent that the guy now wants to meet you.

You can either tell him what you've been up to and sort through the trust issues in your relationship, or carry on this charade until one of you gets tired – probably after you hire an actress to meet him?


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