JUST BRENDA: My colleague picks his nose

Thursday February 20 2020


There's a man in my office who really picks his nose all the time. He even looks at you and is talking as he does it. It's so gross and no one is telling him. Like why would you do that? Doesn't he have friends or a girlfriend?



EW. Honestly it's unfortunate that you can't account for people who have grown up with wolves.

When you say he picks it, is he scratching it or is he digging a hole in there? If it is the latter, it should be done in the bathroom stall somewhere.


He obviously hangs around people who think this is fine as well. It's time to be the superhero of the office, my dear. Just ask him if his nose is always itching, because he is always picking it. At the very least, he will become aware of his uncouth behaviour. Surely.


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