JUST BRENDA: My husband wants me to quit my job

Wednesday March 18 2020

My husband wants me to quit my job and stay home, yet having only one salary will make us strain. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH


Hello Brenda,

My job entails odd working hours. Sometimes I work late, sometimes early morning, and also on some weekends.

My husband has an 8-5 job. He feels I spend more time at work and I don’t prioritise family. But I work eight hours; it’s only that I work in shifts.

He wants me to quit and stay home, and yet having only one salary will make us strain; even if it’s mine alone. (I earn slightly higher but I have never belittled him).

Combined, our salaries help us get by and afford small luxuries like a few date nights and family outings. Mind you, we have children. And we are not rich. What do I do? How do I convince him it’s not best to quit? We will derail our future plans if I quit.


You can't quit. You need the money. And he needs to understand this. Here are his options: he can find you an option that works the same hours that he does, or he can suck it up.

Here's a thought – take a month unpaid leave and see how he likes not having the extra income. Maybe if he sees it practically, then he will finally understand exactly why you can't live with only one pay check.

Plus, he will feel so much more stressed during the month that maybe the sense will check in.


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