JUST BRENDA: My man doesn’t like PDA, but I do

Sunday February 03 2019

How do I convince him to warm up to PDA every once in a while? PHOTO| FILE


Hi Brenda,

I have a good and patient man. He’s also very laid back especially when it comes to public display of affection (PDA). He thinks it’s too much show. However, I sometimes yearn for these romantic gestures. How do I convince him to warm up to PDA every once in a while?


Some people like to touch. Some people don't. Unfortunately going into a relationship hoping you can change someone is only going to make you unhappy.

Your love language is touch. What is his? Are you expressing love to him in a way he understands? Do so, and perhaps once in a long while he'll do the same; either way you have to figure out how to be comfortable with someone who won't always do what you want.

On a scale of things that are important to you, how high is PDA? When you have decided what ranking it takes, decide whether or not this is really the battle you want to fight with your good and patient man.


If it is, clearly explain why it is so important to you, and let him do what he will with that information. Unfortunately, he isn't a robot you can program.


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