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JUST BRENDA: Soap operas are ruining our love life

Thursday June 6 2019

I'm tired of apologising to her. PHOTO | FILE

I'm tired of apologising to her. PHOTO | FILE 

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Hi Brenda,

I’ve been in a relationship for six months now. My girlfriend is petty and looks for any excuse to pick up fights with me. For example, she wanted us to shower together but I found it uncomfortable and unnecessary so I declined. This made her pick a fight with me. She also blows issues out of proportion and invades my privacy by reading my text messages then asking me all sorts of questions. She spends a lot of time watching soap operas and I think they have brainwashed her.

I have grown tired of apologising for these small things. I love her, what should I do?



How much do you love her truly? Because you're going to have to figure out how much you can deal with before you bail. Is nagging her greatest flaw? If so, I would be grateful.


If not, then take into consideration all the reasons why you got into the relationship in the first place. Was it because she was kind? Caring? Loving? Keep that in mind as you make a decision on whether to stay or leave.

Also keep in mind that you don't have to stay with everyone you love – love isn't an automatic reason to stay in a relationship.

There must be many other things that come with it. Alternately, every time she moves your shoes or irons your shirt, claim she doesn't love you, go into a mood, and see how she reacts...


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