JUST BRENDA: Should I ask my man crush to be my Valentine?

Thursday February 07 2019

Valentine’s is just around the corner and I don’t have a date or any prospects. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH


Hi Brenda,

Valentine’s is just around the corner and I don’t have a date. Most of my friends are either married or dating so I’m the oddball without a date or prospects...and it makes me feel so bad.

I’m thinking of approaching a guy I like and asking him to be my Valentine’s this time because the idea of being alone really stresses me out.



I think this is an excellent idea. In this 2019 with the ‘new year new you’ resolution wave, I fully support having someone around to witness your newness.


If you don't like something about the state of your singlehood, you have the power to do something about it – particularly if you've even already identified a candidate. Good job on forward thinking.

Ask him early so that he doesn't have time to make other plans with someone else who is eyeing him – and, if he refuses this Valentine’s, there's always next week or next month.

Don't give up on searching for something you truly want. If all fails on Valentine's, reward your courage with a personal treat like a large tub of ice cream, yes? Or celery, if you're vegan...


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