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JUST BRENDA: My neighbour's house help drugs her baby

Tuesday January 29 2019

My neighbour's house help drugs the baby.

I heard my neighbour's house help brag that she drugs the baby. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

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This is not about me but about my neighbour’s house help, who gives the baby Piriton so that she does not disturb her. One day when I was at the balcony, I heard her bragging to her peers about it and I was so disgusted.

The problem is that my neighbour is a suspicious and quarrelsome person. Most people around dislike her, and I don’t want to start trouble with her. What should I do?



Past this point, there is not much you can do about your horrible neighbour – because this is about the child, not about the neighbour. Maybe send her an anonymous note, so that she knows to keep a lookout for how her child responds, or asking the child herself.

Medication to make a baby calm down, when it is your job to help the baby calm down, is not healthy at all. You definitely should say something now – and deal with your nonsense neighbour another day.


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