JUST BRENDA: Should I stop my house help's relationship?

Sunday April 14 2019

My child's school bus driver flirts with my house help.

My child's school bus driver flirts with my house help. Should I talk to the school? PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Hi Brenda,

I have a problem which concerns my child’s school bus driver. He really flirts with my house help and she even says he once kissed her in front of the child. Should I speak to the school?


What your house help does in her own time is her business, and that's perfectly fine. She's most likely having some type of romantic liaison elsewhere that you don't know about, which is well within her human and personal rights.

However, for it to be happening in an environment that surrounds your child is not appropriate. Kissing in front of the child? No.

I would advise that you talk to your house help to see how she feels about his advances, and then tell her to tell him that if he wants to kiss her over the weekend, that's fine, but not while they are both at work, and definitely not in front of her charge.

If it continues, you can talk to him personally. Make it clear that you are not against them canoodling – just not at work, in front of the schoolchildren.


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