JUST BRENDA: It hurts when people make fun of my slim body

Thursday December 20 2018

People ridicule me because of my slim body.

People ridicule me because of my slim body. PHOTO | FILE 

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Hi Brenda,

My confidence had been going down a while now as a result of people ridiculing me because of my body. I am quite slender, actually a bit underweight. And it is sort of genetics I think. My grandma was always really small-bodied.

My family and friends ask me why I eat a lot or why I bother to eat yet the food is not benefitting me. In fact, they usually say ‘it is going to waste’. They say it like a joke but it really hurts.

I have tried so many things to gain weight but nothing seems to work so far. Can’t people just accept me and let me be? I am trying to accept myself for the way I am but they are making it difficult for me.