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JUST BRENDA: Should I take my wife back?

Tuesday June 11 2019

Couple on couch.

My wife left me two months after our wedding because I lost my job. She now wants to return because she heard that I got my job back. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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I am 28 and my wife is 25. We got married last year but two months after our wedding, I lost my job and my wife left me. She said she can't live with a jobless man.

After a week, she came back and collected all the household items, insulted me, and left me. I struggled alone, sleeping on the floor for about six months. I survived on begging from my friends but God answered me.

I recently received a phone call from my former workplace where I had been fired on allegations that I stole money. They told me there was a misunderstanding and they had caught the thief. I was reinstated and I received this message with great joy. I was even paid the salary for the months I had been out of work.

My wife now wants to come back after hearing that I have a job. Should I ignore her or bring her back?

Ignore her completely and absolutely. This woman has no understanding of marriage vows and clearly thought that for better or worse meant for better or better.

You have no business being in relationship, much less a marriage, with someone who thinks that at the first sign of trouble, they can bail.


A marriage is not a true union if she cannot see you through your ups and downs, and vice versa, particularly if you told her that you did not commit this heinous crime.

She has fooled you once. If she fools you again, then you really are a fool who will only have a loving wife on payday and pre-retirement.


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