JUST BRENDA: Is it wrong to share my relationship vision with my man?

Thursday June 14 2018

Should a woman share her relationship vision with her man? PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Should a woman share her relationship vision with her man? PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

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Dear Brenda,

Why do women feel it is wrong to share their relationship visions with their men? I talked to my girlfriends about how I share my expectations with the men I date, and they told me that was the reason I do not have lasting relationships. I found this unfair, but what do you think? Should a woman share her relationship vision or not?


I think it's unfair of your girlfriends to react to your vision like that, unless it's unhealthily idealistic. Unhealthily idealistic would be the type of vision that entails no fighting or arguing about anything, or expecting no compromise in a ‘what I say goes’ fashion.

There are certain things that cannot really work in a relationship. Outside of that, your girlfriends are supposed to be the people who you can share these things with. In all fairness, everyone is not The One until they are the one.

Everyone goes through a bit of nonsense before they find an ideal partner – even your sanctimonious girlfriends.

On that note, yes, please do share your relationship vision with your man – or potential man – so that no one is going into anything unaware of certain expectations. Relationships are about communication, right?


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