JUST BRENDA: I’ve been single for my entire life

Wednesday March 18 2020

A stressed man. I'm obsessed with trying to find the right woman. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP


Hi Brenda, 

I finished law school a year ago and I’m doing fairly well career wise.

However, I have never dated since birth and I think it’s time. I’m however not sure what kind of a lady I want. I feel obsessed with the idea of the right woman. Please help me.



Yes, it is probably high time you get into something if a relationship and family is something you eventually desire.

The right woman only exists in your head, with allowance for a few flaws and errors. You have to remember that you're dating humans just like you.

Test the waters and start small with a coffee, and ask yourself what you are looking for before you fall in love with the first thing that moves.

And then write back and tell me how it goes. Good luck!


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