JUST BRENDA: I'm torn between a clean girl and a beautiful one

Tuesday April 17 2018

I’m torn between my beautiful but dirty girl and plain-looking but clean one

I’m torn between my beautiful but dirty girl and plain-looking but clean one PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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I'm at a crossroads in my dating life. I want to settle down and have been dating two women who are complete opposites in character and personality.

The first one is very responsible and has all the attributes to be a wife. She’s very clean but not beautiful. By that I mean I can’t proudly show her off to my mates.

The second one is very beautiful but hygiene-wise, she is nightmarish. Every other time, I have to remind her to wash her panties stuffed in a basin under the bed. Whenever I’m around, I have to sit and supervise her so that she can wash clothes.

One day, I repeated a shirt when going to work because  she failed to wash the previous day yet I had already told her to do so. Many colleagues have asked me to settle down with her but I worry of her hygiene. I prefer the first one, really. Please help!

My oh my oh my. You do realise that with marriage, bad habits either stay the same or get worse? And surely, how can you pick dirty panties (not in the fun way) over a clean house? Looks over a responsible wife? Surely, you can't be falling for the age old beauty trap. You think you repeating your shirt is bad. It'll get worse.

And surely, what are your friends saying? Are they the ones who'll have to deal with the cockroaches in your sink? Are they the ones who will be in charge of cleaning after yourself and her as well?

Haven't you watched enough movies to know that your friends are almost never right? Well, these ones aren't, if they're trying to influence you to pick the pretty one on the basis of prettiness alone.

The choice is up to you and I hope you'll make the right one, considering you already know what you prefer. I hope you grow out of your shallowness to realize that gorgeous faces are fleeting, but smelly panties are forever.


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