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A sign of great love and devotion

Sunday May 27 2018

A file photo of devotees dancing in front of teh chariots. PHOTO | ALLAUDIN QURESHI

A file photo of devotees dancing in front of teh chariots. PHOTO | ALLAUDIN QURESHI 

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Spiritual elevation is not a matter of birth or social status. But purity and chanting the name of the Lord purifies and dignifies the most fallen.

The spiritual devotees of the most celebrated and revered Hindu deity Lord Krishna, also known as Jagannatha (Lord of Universe) will stage the annual procession of Ratha Yatra – a Chariot Journey – through our streets on Saturday, June 9.

A religious festivity that is deep rooted in the faith from times immemorial and portrays love and devotional feelings has become a universal annual demonstration of profound adherence to the faith by believers.

The chariot of the Godhead is normally paraded majestically from the SSD Temple in the city to Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple off Kipande Road Museum Hill. Participants in this procession chant the name of the Lord with no tinge of selfishness and with a belief that the personality of the Lord graces and blesses all.


At the culmination of Yatra thanks giving prayers are offered for love, peace, unity and heavenly blessings before a generous meal – Prasad – is offered to the congregation. The less fortunate at large are specially taken care of and blessed.

In India pilgrims from the country and elsewhere gather in the city of Orissa in the Bay Bengal to be blessed by the Lord of Universe at the Temple of Jagannatha. May the Lord continue to shower his choicest blessings upon his creations.

Prior to the Ratha Yatra procession, on Saturday June 2, Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj Nairobi’s Youth League and Ladies Wing have teamed up to present Dhol Ni Taal, an evening of traditional Gujarati Garba and Dandiya Raas dances.

The venue is in the Main Hall of the Samaj’s Nairobi West complex. To participate or be entertained by the authentic colourful celebration dances of Gujarat by our own skilful exponents of the art contact Prabha Varsani on 0720658888 or Hansa Varsani on 0722735303.

Participants in Dhol Ni Taal may bring some gracious awards as the organisers have announced to facilitate Best dancers in various categories selected at the exposition.


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