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ASIA SCENE: Sacred show and dance charm audience

Saturday October 14 2017

Upadhye with his celestial dancers in a scene

Upadhye with his celestial dancers in a scene from Sat Gati. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Let it be said without any reservation that it was akin to celestial beings and revered mythological Lords having descended from their heavenly abode to entertain and bless their earthly devotees at Oshwal Centre Auditorium Westlands last Saturday evening.

Sat Gati or the Sacred Path dance exposition, witnessed by Kenyan lovers of authentic and unadulterated classical performing art Bharat Natyam and presented by the visiting Punyah Dance Company of Bangalore India was visually astronomical and artistically dignified.

Punyah led by the internationally recognised, award winning classical dance icon Parshwanath Upadhye, mesmerised Kenyan devotees of the art form.

It seemed as if various godly characters themselves have stepped out on stage as the dancers enacted a variety of episodes about the Creator of universe, the Tandava dancing Lord Shiva, not forgetting the fierce destroyer of evil forces Goddess Maa Kali and the amorous and playful adventures and antics of Lord Krishna and his Gopis.

If this was not enough for an entertaining and soulful showing, Upadye and his equally talented real life soul mate Shruti took on to focus on HARA- a ballet based on the relationship between Lord Shiva, Goddess Sati and Nandi.

The performers in this act were so agile and technically choreographed that character patterns came out as if floating on stage.

The showing was certainly a rather sacred and overwhelming satisfying experience coupled with a virtual celestial trip in the company of mythological lords. The performers Matangi, Preethi, Sneha, Shruti and Aditya together with the dance maestro Upadhye well deserved a thunderous standing ovation at the conclusion.

Congratulations and thank you to Navrang Fine Arts Foundation; the Kenyan promoter and its show organising committee that facilitated this once in a life time extravaganza on our stage. This awesome classical dance is a precious Diwali present that our audience will cherish for a long time.

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