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Biography Life and times of John Kiriamiti

Saturday September 4 2010

  • Born on February 14, 1950 to Albert and Anne Wanjiru Kiriamiti. Named John Baptista Wanjohi.
    Among first nine African students to join the dominant white school, Prince Wales (now Nairobi School).
  • Expelled as a 15-years-old for leading a students’ strike.
    Begins his life in crime when he steals Sh600 from his father and returns to Nairobi after being “deported” to Murang’a.
  • On the police list of the Most Wanted criminals in Kenya when 20 years old.
    Sentenced in 1971 to 20 years in jail and 18 strokes of the cane. Arrested on the eve of marrying Milly. (Narrator of the novel My life with a Criminal.)
  • Publishes My Life in Crime in 1984 and released from prison five months later.
    Accused of robbing banks so as to fund the Mwakenya movement. Arrested in 1986 and he is sentenced for 7 years.
  • Released after four years on February 11 1990 same day of release for global icon Nelson Mandela from prison.
    Accused of assassinating Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko two days later on February 13 1990.
  • Trades pen for gun and briefly writes for Drum and Nation.
    Becomes a renowned philanthropist and social reformist rehabilitating street children in Muranga as from 1994.

    Clears street children from Murang’a streets.

  • Government bans his Kikiyu newspaper Inooro in 1995
    Establishes a newspaper known as Sharpener marries and has three daughters.
  • On July 29 2010, hands the manuscript of his upcoming book The Abduction Squad to his publishers East Africa educational publishers (EAEP.) He survived in an era of notorious criminals like Wakinyonga, Kibathi, Mugambi wa Njeri, Kiarie wa Njoki and Viscount Kimanthi