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Busting crime, serving up justice is my passion

Sunday June 28 2015

Trimo Security Services managing director Jane Mugo during an interview at the Nation Centre on August 9, 2011. PHOTO | FILE

Trimo Security Services managing director Jane Mugo during an interview at the Nation Centre on August 9, 2011. PHOTO | FILE 

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Q: What were you doing before becoming a private investigator?

A: I worked as chief investigator for private security companies.

How did you come up with the idea of starting a private detective firm?

After realising that there is a demand for these services and because most Kenyans didn’t know where to turn to after getting frustrated in courts and with police, I decided to fill the gap.

Who are your clients?

My clients are many and varied from individuals to corporates


What does your firm specialise in?

Forensic investigations, VIP protection, fraud investigations, security consultancy and debt collection services.

What’s your training on?

I have a Diploma in Criminology from Kenyatta University, and did a course in VIP protection in South Africa.

What do you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to hardwork, passion, discipline and commitment.

How many cases have you investigated so far?

We have handled very many cases that I would require a day to put together.

When did you develop the passion for security matters?

In our village in Kirinyaga there was a time insecurity was rampant.  By working with the police, we were able to arrest the situation. In fact, a police post was opened and nicknamed after me: Jane Besty post.

How do you spend your free time?

When my son is not in school, I spend time with him but when not, I stay home watching CSI series to enhance my knowledge.

How is your day like?

My days are different depending on the assignment at hand.

Yours is considered a man’s job. How do you manage?

Commitment, having a lion’s heart, God’s intervention, and sacrifice.

Any challenges?

There are many challenges, like a subject being tipped before we strike, staying out late and working odd hours. I have gone through a lot but In still love my job.

With your busy schedule do you find time for yourself and family?

I am a mother of one son who is in boarding school. So many times I am alone with the house help. This way I get time to be alone and when my son is around we are always together.

Are you married?


What plans do you have for the future?

I have left plans for the future to God. As you may know, man proposes, but God disposes

Do you find time to cook for your family?

Yes, I am a good cook. I like traditional foods so much. When I am at home I take time to cook.

What has kept you pretty at your age?

Eating healthy and swimming.

What can you say is your most important accomplishment?

I have undertaken many assignments that make my clients happy and they get the justice they want.