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Charm of a legendary queen of the screen

Sunday July 8 2018

Legendary actress Rekha as she appeared in the movie 'Umrao Jaan'. PHOTO | COURTESY

Legendary actress Rekha as she appeared in the movie 'Umrao Jaan'. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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A legendary actress who ruled the world of Indian cinema during its golden era, with exquisite charm and poise, and who captured the imagination of moviegoers with unpatrolled on and off screen performances is, you guessed it right, none other than the queen of hearts Rekha.

The ever charming and age defying beauty, Rekha, recently stepped on stage at the 19th IIFA Awards ceremony in Bangkok, to perform to the beat of some unforgettable romantic classical tunes to leave the audience spellbound.

With age creeping stealthily and the onslaught of younger beauties in our world of entertainment, Rekha makes rare appearances on screen. However, her charm poise and personal charisma still reigns supreme.

Yours truly has always been an ardent fan and great admirer of Rekha. Her most memorable film is Umrao Jaan in which she played the title role of a courtesan and dancer and has managed to captivate the moviegoers for generations. Despite the fact that the movie is over two decades old, it is still regarded as a supreme visual and artistic treat whenever relayed on the small screen.

Rekha ruled the Indian tinsel world for nearly three decades after her Hindi film debut Sawan Bhadon in 1970. In the years that followed, fame and fortune became her ladies in waiting. She was the most sought after leading lady and together with super star Amitabh Bachan she performed in numerous hit movies.

Rekha’s much talked about love affair with Amitabh culminated in the unforgettable Yash Chopra’s art imitating life movie Silsila.

The movie queen’s achievements as number one lady of the Indian screen have been many and varied. Besides winning Best Actress Awards several times, she has had national recognition as the Best Kathak Dancer in Hindi movies.

Rekha is the daughter of none other than the great South Indian thespian and politician of his time Gemini Ganeshan. I have at times compared and referred to her as Elizabeth Taylor of the Indian screen.

She may not have had many marriages like Elizabeth, save the one with business tycoon Mukesh Aggarwal which ended tragically with his suicide, but she has had and still claims to have a long list of suitors, admirers and some reported affairs.

Her co-workers, leading men and above all her fans could not help falling for this most adorable queen of hearts. Rekha the great actress and flawless performer is still capable of making many a hearts miss a beat.

Kenyan fans of Rekha, hold your breath, soon the Indian Colors TV Channel is to screen the 19th IIFA Awards ceremony, for you to feast your eyes on the historic and mesmerising dance performance of Rekha featuring therein.