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Dog owners share experiences at Nakuru Pets Festival

Sunday August 25 2019

Nakuru Dog show

Nakuru Pets festival event Manager Linda Nyawira centre (second left) admiring a dog with other dog lovers at Nakuru Athletics Club on August 24, 2019. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Francis Mureithi
By Francis Mureithi
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It is said that every dog has its day and August 24, was the day for over 100 canines at Nakuru Athletics Club where the canines put their best paws forward.

The third edition of Nakuru dog show attracted different types of breeds. The show dubbed Nakuru Pets Festivals was full of fun at the popular rugby pitch. It was fun seeing dogs dance, communicate and pass obedience tests.

Dog lovers from Nairobi and Nakuru shared how their relationship with their canines has impacted their lives.


 “The joy shown in dogs helps bring people together, they make us explore some of the most important human stories through relationships with our best friends,” said Ms Linda Nyawira.

 “Dogs depicts many different kinds of human canine relationships,” added Nyawira.


Apart from appreciating the pets, the dog show was meant to demystify the notion that they are only for protection purposes.

 “Once you have a wonderful dog, life without one is a life diminished. My German shepherd makes my heart open a little wider,” said Nyawira, the event manager.

Damaris Kelly describes her little dog as “heart beat at her feet.”

“A dog will fill your life and that of your family with love and excitement and ask for nothing in return. The sincere excitement of your dog the moment you enter the house is irreplaceable,” said Ms Kelly.


Ms Judy Leah, says she has experienced the true meaning of the phrase that dog is man’s best friend.

“The minute I get home and my dog Kelly runs towards me, I forget the bad day in office,” said Ms Leah.

The show celebrated companionship of dogs while promoting responsible pet ownership, health and breed preservation.

All the dogs at the show were given free vaccination courtesy of Nakuru County government.

According to a new study published by Mayo Clinic (one of the largest not-for-profit academic health systems in the US), people who own pets, especially dogs, are more likely to have a better heart and mental health.

“Dogs help children who are mentally challenged to be more intelligent. They help them to open their minds by training them to be more responsible,” says Ms Nyawira.

 “Just petting a dog can make your blood pressure go down. My pet is my very own therapy dog. It gets me off the couch or out of bed a dozen times a day, running across the house. She keeps me moving as much as possible,” said Ms Alvine Kerubo.


“A dog is the best animal companion anyone could ever think of, a dog will love you more than you love yourself,” said Mr Vincent Ogolla.

Dogs strutting their tails in the air, was common sight with each owner trying to show the other that their pet knew more tricks.

Dogs on the other hand were enjoying watching others and sniffing around.

Just like human beings, some got along well with other dogs, while others growled at each other during the show organised by Concierge Mediacom.

The event witnessed large participation of popular German shepherd breeds.

Dog lovers were also left awestruck as there were other breeds such as Maltese, great Dane, Rottweiler, Japanese Spitz and Terriers among others.

During the contest, each dog was required to walk in front of the judges. They were judged on a variety of parameters, including body structure, movement, dog size’s proportions, bone structure, teeth and coat.


They were competing for the happiest, healthiest, best groomed, well-handled, best communicating dog, agility, tracking and obedience.

The happiest dog was Brunah handled by Bennyhinn Kamwaga, the healthiest dog trophy went to Ranger handled by Blue Line Kennels, the best groomed dog was TRoy owned by Kevin Mwangi.

The well-handled dog was missy whose owner was Eustace Warutere while the best communicating dog trophy went to Blacky owned by De Souza Kennel.

The panel of judges for the day comprised acclaimed canine judges in the field of canine sports in Kenya, Dr Imbugi Luvai and Ms Linda Brown.

“Each breed has a particular way it is maintained and here at the show, we judged them on various criteria including health, grooming, happiness, communication, obedience, protection among others,” said Dr Luvai.

“A dog should be fed well because it is a worth companion and brings joy and happiness to the family,” added Ms Brown.


Also at the venue were exhibitors who sold various pets care products from skin care to food items to pet accessories.

For pet owners who love pampering their dogs, shopping was the word. Dog beds, chews of different flavours, collars, bowls, combs and grooming scissors were among numerous items that were up for sale.

The show provided an opportunity for pet lovers to view different breeds in action and fostered for exchange of views, opinions regarding present trends in the canine world.

 “I’m happy, we should all open our minds to canine wisdom. Dogs can be the best companions,” said Ms Nyawira.