Fasten your seat belts for spine chilling fun

Saturday November 17 2018

The cast during the rehearsal of the horror comedy Bhoot Bungalow. PHOTO | COURTESY


“What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons”, said Oscar Wilde.

And how true it is in the context of our home grown stage presentations that have managed to be not only beautiful, but also have artistically and creatively outshone the professionally managed visiting theatrical shows. Gujarati comedies based on popular carry on series of English farce with performers from India and the Gujubhai farces have for a long time been favourites; with our laugh happy audience.

This time, watch out and fasten your seat belts as Vibgyor and Watcha Story Kenya who brought colourful diversity in our world of theatre with A shaft of Sunlight last June are saying “WACHA MANENO. We are all set to present a spine chilling Gujarati horror comedy that is sure to provide a beautiful theatrical experience to one and all”.

Bhoot Bungalow the horror comedy takes the stage at Oshwal Junior High Auditorium for a short run of five performances commencing this Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November 2018. The show is a truly Kenyan style comedy produced by Hinal Thakkar and directed by Kunjan Dholakia with Anubhav Garg wearing the Technical director’s hat.

The comedy is all about Chaku (the knife) played by Hardhik Shah who finds himself in a haunted house in the middle of Kericho. Surrounded by his young bride Pinky, best friend Dr Machar (mosquito), diehard fan Dhanji, greedy mother in law Suryakala, Chaku seeks Baba Bum Bum Bollywood’s assistance to bring forth a spirit to help locate some hidden treasure.



What happens next is for you to find out from how the plethora of characters play a game of hide and seek with Babita the Bhoot (Nilofer Abji) in a Haloweeni mood and attire to entertainingly scare and make you jump on your seats. The language used, divulged the director, is truly Kenyan- a happy and funny blend of Gujarati, Hindi, English and Kiswahili; as such you should not be scared if Gujarati is not your mother tongue.

Just make a move to Onn The Way Supermarket Parklands or Cuts and Shades Diamond Plaza to reserve a seat at just one thousand Shillings. The scary splits of your laughter will also make the charitable organisation Growing Girls Guru Programme happy.

And beautiful is the sound of music that mesmerises one’s being and nourishes the soul. It has been set up for you by Navrang Fine Arts Foundation to experience on Sunday 25, November 2018. Hindustani Musical Messiahs from India will feature in a unique instrumental Jugalbandi for you to experience once in a lifetime soulful classical instrumental music.

Finally, for those who love music of our times, Indian singing sensations Kabul Rishi and Sunita Jain will lift up your hearts at Diamond Plaza 2 on Saturday evening the November 23.


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