Fr Peter Mose challenges Christians to treat their parents well

Wednesday March 18 2020

Father Peter Mose (left) and Nakuru Catholic Diocese Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba (second left) in a past function at St Joseph The Workers church in Racetrack, Nakuru Town. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUPP


A priest has challenged Catholic faithful to honour their parents while they are still alive.  

While delivering a sermon at St Joseph The Workers Parish Church on Sunday, Fr Peter Mose castigated Christians who organise expensive burials for their parents whom they ignored while they were alive.   

“There is no point to show off when parents die. I urge you to visit them more often when they are alive and show them love because that is what they need during their sunset years,” said Fr Mose.

 “It is ironical that when parents die, some Christians rush to hang huge photos of their departed parents in their living rooms but when they were alive they never displayed those photos,” he added. 

He added: “As I am preaching to you today, some parents are suffering in the rural areas with no drugs, clothing and food yet we religiously rush to church every morning. We should stop being pretenders and take care of our aging parents.”



The clergyman called on Christians to recognise God in their daily lives by helping their neighbours whenever they are in need.

“We cannot be singing and bragging of being staunch Catholics when we shun our suffering neighbours. The key to success in our Christian lives lies in loving and helping our neighbours,” said Father Mose.

He continued: “God is not found in the church. God is found in helping our neighbours who are in need and showing them love and compassion.”

“When you meet a suffering or sick person on your way to church and fail to help him or her that is the neighbour that God is talking about,” he added.

He said some parents had abdicated their roles of parenthood and neglected their children.  


 “Why should parents struggle to have children only to fail to take care of them? he posed.

He underscored the importance of love among Christians saying, “we should see the love of God in every person we meet on our daily undertakings irrespective of our Christian faith.”

“As Christians, we must walk the talk if we hope to inherit the kingdom of heaven,” he told the congregation.

He said some house helps were suffering under the cruel hands and harsh tongues of Christians.

 “Which God are we seeking if we cannot show little love and mercy to our domestic workers? Some of the domestic workers are not allowed to go to church yet we brag to be Christians. We should stop pretending and change our bad behaviour by loving all our neighbours,” he said.