Handy tips to detoxify after the holidays

Saturday January 2 2016

A model applying sunscreen. Photo/CHARLES KAMAU

A model applying sunscreen. Photo/CHARLES KAMAU 

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After all the festivities, wining and dining, and spending time outdoors, chances are that your face looks a bit under the weather. Puffy from the late nights and overeating, dehydrated from alcohol for those who drink, and weather beaten.

Take a little bit of time to recover before facing the world once again. The best recovery is often a quick treatment, which though taxing, will be effective. Here is how to go about it:

To reduce puffiness, cut sugar and wheat products from your diet for five days. During this period, consume clear soups, vegetable juices and green tea. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.

Cure dehydrated skin inside and outside. From the inside, water is always the solution. From the outside, apply rich moisturiser at night after cleansing your face. The moisturiser will help hold in the water onto the surface of your skin cell.

If you have developed dark circles around your eyes from lack of sleep, sleep for longer before the circles become permanent.  Ensure that you sleep for the required time daily.

If the skin is pale and weather-beaten from soaking up the sun,  all you really need is enough time to recover. Limit sun exposure this January and wear sunscreen. If you burn, use after-sun lotion to relieve the damage.

Hands are particularly prone to sun damage and the effects of detergents, therefore, make sure that you pay attention to them, especially at night.


The author is the national director of the safe skin care initiative. Query? Email: [email protected]