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Discover the new skill that will give you long eye lashes

Sunday May 19 2019

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While the perm curls your lashes, the lift ‘lifts’ your lashes up from the base. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

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Have you ever flipped through a magazine mascara ad and sworn at the fake promises, then read the fine print at the bottom that Gwen Stefani and Eva Longoria were wearing individual lashes and still not felt comforted by the fact that someone has such pretty lashes?

There might be a reason celebrities have such perfect lashes. Maybe you are ahead of the curve and like Brooke Shields, the brand ambassador for Latisse, have tried the prescription-only eyelash fertiliser prone to irritating sensitive eyelids, or Revitalash, the modern serum version on Amazon.


Perhaps you have tangled with lash extensions either magnetic, glued on at home, or thanks to two hours on a specialist chair.

Maybe you have even tried Vaseline or coconut, almond or castor oil lash massage each night before bed.

It was Karrueche Tran who wised the world up to lash lifts, which research indicates is frequently confused with a lash perm.


Once it was spotted on her IG by the right side of her 8.6 million followers, otherwise known as fashion magazine beauty editors and writers, lash lifts took off. She became a true influencer, independent from her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown. That was in 2016.

She said “I recently did this thing called Keratin Eyelash Lift, which is a natural way to curl your lashes,” she said.

“It’s super cool, because right now eyelash extensions are really big, but I heard that they’re bad for your eyes and they pull your lashes out. And sometimes I feel like they look unnatural. So I went with Hrush Achemyan, one of my favourite make-up artists, to go get these eyelash lifts, and ever since, I’ve been loving it. And that kind of motivated me to keep my face more natural.”


Lash lift plump lashes upward and outward, just like a really good overhyped mascara promoted by a celebrity should. Brow sculpting a.k.a microblading is recommended for a discernible facelift. When your lashes go every which way and taming them with mascara is a nightmare, instead of lining up separately with primed curves, it is tempting to ‘Google’ solutions. Any will do.

Her lashes lifted elysee, 76 thousand followers, who dubs herself, “The World’s BEST and FIRST Keratin Lash Lift”, a fair title as she brought the technology into the US. She specialises in permanent make-up because who has the time anymore? Elysee doubles up as a trainer.

Her site says her technology was founded by Swiss Derma-Pigmentologist and permanent make-up expert artist, one Sandra.

The keratin lash enhancement is meant to be an alternative, one ahead of the trend curve, to “eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes, false lashes and growth sera”.


These, she identifies, are giving way to a more natural look. Training has to be done in person by the YumiLashes Academy.

They predict the average lash expert earns $100,000 plus a year. Mostly because you will charge between $150 to $250 per client, once you have been certified by this particular institution and bought the kit.

Now listen up. A lash lift is very different from a lash perm. While the perm curls your lashes, the lift ‘lifts’ your lashes up from the base. Using the same chemical solution as a perm, the lash lift uses more of a speed bump-shaped device, rather than a cylindrical rod.

This will open up your eyes, and will give the appearance of longer lashes.

Lash perms work great for long straight eyelashes by very slightly reduce length and sacrificing it for a lush eye-opening curl.

A perm does what it ought to. It breaks the disulfide bonds of your hair, around a selected cylindrical rod creating a curl pattern. That being said, the lash lift is a safe update of the lash perm.


For her lash lifts Elysee places Q10 pads on the lids and under the eyes, applying her keratin formula on the lids which with a curved silicone form, lifting hair from the roots. She mixes a customised dye to tint lashes darker.

It takes about an hour and a half, results lasting six to eight weeks and longer than the lash perm.

For 48 hours you must keep your lashes dry, free from water or mascara. No lash extensions either because, why would you?

It is recommended as the best non-invasive anti-ageing procedure, opening the eyes and making a woman look younger.

There is an aftercare conditioner. The same procedure is done by Nouveau Lashes in Britain and known as the Elleabana One Shot Lash Lift. Where can you get it done in Kenya? You will be the first to know as soon as they e-mail me.