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WOMAN TO WOMAN: If I were to pick again, I would still do events

Saturday March 11 2017

Daizy Kayech is an events organiser with an eye

Daizy Kayech is an events organiser with an eye on expanding her company across Africa. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Daizy Kayech is an events organiser with an eye on expanding her company across Africa

Tell me about yourself

I am a down-to-earth lady and a tool for peace. In 2010, I partnered with like-minded artists to use music as a tool for preaching peace. We did our first-ever event in Eldoret, Amani Kwanza, in April, 2010. I became an apprentice for Mwafaka Awards before breaking out to register my company and push the scope of events creativity, design and delivery in 2013.


What does your job entail?

My role is mainly to understand a client’s mental visualisation of the event, market research for emerging trends. I also do client management, networking and sourcing for new business.


What does your company do?

In Ultimate Entertainment, our scope is music concerts, festivals, conferences and exhibitions, corporate events from groundbreaking ceremonies, product launches to end-year parties.


How do you use social media?

Social media is a powerful tool in events marketing ceremonies, product launches to end year It is no longer a requirement to have mainstream media to create awareness and drive traffic to your event. We use a 360 approach to our digital strategy. You are assured of full blown awareness conversions and sustenance.


How’s a day in your life?

I leave the house at 6.30 am for my eight-to-five job in a leading media house. I engage in meetings, administration work and proposal writing. I have a team that runs Ultimate Entertainment full-time. I schedule business dinners for Ultimate Entertainment three times a week. I have a live online class every Saturday (half day), Tuesday and Thursday (evening).


How do you manage stress as the date of an event draws near?

I work better under pressure. I usually have mental pictures of how the event will look and sound. The normal anxiety of the unknown is normal. We always have plan A, B and a standby C to mitigate unforeseen technical stress. But in cases where it’s beyond my control, I walk away and focus on managing a client’s pressure.


What did you study?

 I studied Mass Communication with a major in Public Relations. I have been doing short courses to meet the demands of evolving events & marketing industry. I have completed online courses like digital garage from Google, a Diploma in events management from OHS. I am currently doing a Digital Communication course from Red & Yellow School in South Africa.


With your busy schedule, how do you manage all this?

Always when I’m in the house, I give my family the best, though I cannot switch off my phone because I get referrals even in the odd hours of the night. I create time to do homework with my two children.


How would you choose the location/venue for an event?

We use LAPACASCA which includes: L (location/layout), A (accessibility), P (parking space), A (ambience), C (capacity), A (amenities), S (security), C (cost), A (acoustics). After that we have to analyse the needs of the client, agree on price and terms and make bookings.


How would you persuade a client of the value of your services?

Through reference, videos and photos of past events.


How do you choose partners when organising an event?

Word of mouth. It is very powerful especially on matters food. If you are doing it right, everyone will mention you when consulted. We double check with various event planners. We also have long term relationships with various partners who understand our basic principle of quality delivery.


How has the journey been?

It’s been full of learning. I have enjoyed my growth and every unique experience. If I was asked to pick again I would definitely pick events.


What challenges do you encounter?

Established event organisers are majorly men. It takes any serious, visionary female organiser twice as much effort to convince that they can deliver similar and even bigger experiences.


What’s your life philosophy?

Make improvements not excuses. Seek respect not attention.


What are you reading?

Things I will tell my daughter by Joan Thatiah.


Would you wish that your children took after you?

Everyone is driven by their passion and purpose in life. Events and media is me. If any of my children picks that up and is ready to take after me, I will be honoured. Otherwise I will allow them to pursue their passion.


What do you do in your free time?

I attend events to learn. I travel. Go for fun activities with my family. Spend time with God. I am also taking music classes with my children.


Describe your most successful event

Amani Concert 2016. It’s an annual New-Year’s-eve event launched last year. This was a continuation of 2011 Amani kwanza event. We brought the cosmopolitan town of Kericho to cross over into 2017 as a peaceful community. It was successful because it was a first time event but attracted over 10,000 people. They pledged to be peace ambassadors.


Which is your holiday destination?

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I am also hoping to follow the Bible story by visiting Egypt through to Israel before end year.


Do you have a specialty?

Corporate events and concerts is our specialty. We are hoping to do a lot of manifesto and governor’s inaugurations this year because of elections.


What elements must be considered before planning an event?

Objectives, budget and target audience and projected attendance.


What are your future plans?

We hope Ultimate Group will be total entertainment solution provider. We intend to make a Pan-African network where we will do award winning events.


How do you unwind?

Dancing, ice skating, archery — and I love nyama choma.