THAT'S LIFE: If you dream big work hard for it

Saturday October 7 2017

The one thing I have against all of the above

The one thing I have against all of the above is just how ease they make the road to fame and fortune seem. PHOTO | FILE 

Thanks to the information age, we have created hordes of celebrities.

The internet can literally make one an overnight sensation for anything including singing badly, being overweight, rude or even having outrageous curves.

Interestingly, it is this age that birthed the socialite, whose greatest talent was not having any remarkable talent.

The one thing I have against all of the above is just how ease they make the road to fame and fortune seem.

They go against what we were taught; that if you dream big, work for it and stay committed you can achieve your success.

And so we raise children who expect it all without work.

However, life has its own set of guiding principles and work is undisputedly one of them.

Can people break these laws and achieve success? Apparently they can. Consider the law of gravity.

It simply states that what goes up must come down, as long as one is within the jurisdiction governed by gravity. We do not see this law in operation but we know it is there. Gravity continues even if we state categorically that we do not believe in gravity. If you try to defy it, gravity will bring you down with its full force.

Yet there are instances where man does defy gravity.

A good example is an aeroplane in flight. Certain laws of physics are employed to hold off gravity for a while.

But when one of those laws is interrupted, that plane will certainly come down crashing.

Certain invisible laws govern life. Laws about seasons, time, relationships, growth, work, happiness, life and death.

Can these laws be interrupted? Absolutely. Can these laws be overlooked? The evidence is that people overlook life’s invisible laws everyday.

The thing is, just like in the law of gravity, being ignorant or indifferent to a law does not mean that it won’t work for or against you.

The laws of life continue to do what they do.

And so it is with the law of work. Nothing works for you, if you do not work.

You can circumvent this law for instance by winning the lotto, although some could argue that even buying the ticket is work. However, the law of work is still at work in your life.

Yet it is not only in financial matters where the law of work is at work, pardon the pun. Our relationships require some work.

It does not matter how much you believe that relationships should be “effortless”, you will run into the law of work at some point, even if you are with your soul-mate.

Successful relationships require regular investment of our time, affection and resources. They require us to go beyond ourselves and meet someone else’s needs.

They require constant communication and forgiveness. Successful relationships require maturity in human interactions, regular gestures of kindness and growth. In short, great relationships need work.

Sadly, most people are inclined to work for their money but few really want to work for their relationships.

The result is that at some point, the law of work will interrupt your relationships.

You will realise that you have made more withdrawals than deposits, and eventually, that relationship will become  fractured.

The law of work is also at work in your health. Habits like eating healthy, exercising, meditation certainly do not seem like work.

Yet they require discipline and commitment. What happens when we ignore the law of work in our health? We end up at the doctors with a diagnosis of a lifestyle ailment if we are lucky.

Sometimes we just drop dead with no warning. Interestingly, the human body was built for regular movement, exertion and healthy nutrition.

We are at our best when we heed the law of work with our health. A great body, a healthy body or a great life do not just happen. You have to work for it.