Jasmine Postwalla redefined the art of celebrations

Sunday March 10 2019

Jasmine Postwalla redefined the art of celebrations. PHOTO| ALLAUDIN QURESHI

Jasmine Postwalla redefined the art of celebrations. PHOTO| ALLAUDIN QURESHI 

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A genuinely strong inspiring and humble personality with a passion to search for creative challenges and to convert them into instilling happiness and joy for just every other life it touches is none other than the laudable Jasmine Postwalla.

Her musically flavoured presentations have spiced up our airwaves on one hand whilst her redefined event management skills have enhanced our private and corporate celebrations to an all-time enviable high.

This March as we move into celebrating some ecstatic religious festivals and usher in young lovers to tie the knot at elaborate wedding ceremonies, I find it an opportune time to pay a well-deserved tribute to this multi-talented lady of all seasons , so to say, whose passion to add glitz and glamour to our happiness has no parallel.

Jasmine was born, brought up and educated in India. Bollywood songs, music and dances were her favourite and creative pastime. Her first job was in the air with an Indian domestic airline where she had an opportunity to meet and greet her favourite Bollywood personalities.

Destiny chalked out for me, says Jasmine, an opportunity from in air to on air in Kenya. Initially she worked as a script writer and hosted a musical East and Me to become a darling of a world of radio listeners on East FM.

With a transition from the Spice of Life to Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix, she became the Production Controller and continued to mesmerise her listeners with her show Silsile. In addition to her on air duties, Jasmine’s out of the box entertainment promotions on stage and social and cultural competitions for radio listeners were innovative entertaining and a gorgeous success with one and all.

Event management and planning for wedding celebrations has always given Jasmine immense pleasure and satisfaction.


She learnt to handle the ropes of the trade when she had an opportunity to work with the expert Kenyan Shelina Popat. Later, Jasmine took on to tread this creative journey on her own.

The passion and drive to think of unthinkable and the joy and satisfaction you get to plan and actually bring the project to life is a feeling of accomplishment that has no parallel, she contends.

Currently, Jasmine is basking in the happiness of her passion and love for event management. She inspires the enthusiasts by declaring “get out of your comfort zone and do the unthinkable. If you don’t get it right first time do not give up. You will eventually succeed. If you are celebrating something special, call me – we will dream it together”.

Jasmine lives her dream in Nairobi in the company of her beloved partner and the pillar of her strength Xerxes Postwalla and her two talented children.

We wish Jasmine all the very best in her creative endeavours. Your fans certainly miss you on air but the lamps of creative enlightenment you have lit in every home and the joy you continue to bring by enhancing their celebrations is testimony to your praiseworthy passion and planning.