ASIA SCENE: Moment of pride and glory for skilled dancer

Saturday October 7 2017

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Young talented and armed with the graceful, creative and spiritual attributes of Indian classical dance form Bharat Natyam, Neha steps out in a traditional and ceremonial showing at the Oshwal High School theatre in Parklands this evening. The showing is called Arangetram.

Arangetram marks the traditional graduation of a student of Indian classical dance.

It is an occasion where friends and relatives not only enjoy a maiden performance but assess and analyse the creative capabilities of the dancer.

It is also considered a moment of glory for the student who has dedicated her artistic energies in assimilating the intricacies of this dance form.

Neha is the daughter of Priya and Naresh Dukkipati of Nairobi and a pupil of Natya Ratna Smt Gita Umesh of Nrityalaya.

She has learnt the intricacies of the art form with dedication for a number of years.

Bharat Natyam as we know is an expressive art of storytelling. The story teller or the performer in this art form draws heavily from mythology and communicates with her audience through intricate facial expressions as well as movements of eyes, hands and stylised footwork. Neha during this evening is expected to perform with great charm, poise and authenticity.

Natya Ratna Natya Chadur Gita Umesh has propagated Bharat Natyam classical dance form in Kenya, across the borders and overseas for decades. Nritalaya strongly adheres to the traditional format of the dance form coupled with clarity of choreography and entertaining presentation. Neha, under the tutelage of Guru Gita is capable of exposing the intricate philosophy of the art form with great charm.

Neha’s parents will treat the audience to a traditional vegetarian dinner after the performance. We wish Neha well at the Arangetram and later in her persuit in the cause of this dance style.