Struggling with smelly feet?

As a man eateth, so shall his feet stinketh.

Can, and will you take off your shoes with ease? PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 


  • Do you sidestep all the shoes and walk in with your sneakers as a mannerless guest?


Gentlemen, pull a chair and let’s chat. It’s Sunday afternoon. Someone has invited you to their home for an African buffet.

The living room, naturally, has a soft, plush carpet that feels even better than warm sand. You arrive at the doorstep and find an assortment of shoes at the welcome mat.

Do you sidestep all the shoes and walk in with your sneakers as a mannerless guest, toss your slip and slide Nikes to the side along with the rest, take off your shoes and socks and sit closest to the hopefully open, breezy door, or retreat because people will die if you unshoe.

Being a well groomed man has many entry points, but the most definitive one is the carpet challenge. Can, and will you take off your shoes with ease? Plenty of men can, and will. But just as many would flinch at the thought, especially in the middle of the afternoon.

But the good news is that you don’t have to worry anymore because there are many remedies for smelly feet. Over the years, they have been listed as:

Diet: As a man eateth, so shall his feet stinketh. Consider adding more zinc to your diet. You should also eat dark, leafy greens as they have a lot of chlorophyll that help fight feet odour.

You can use urine to fight feet odour. Soak your feet in your urine daily till the smell disappears. This was considered far more effective that a vinegar foot soak each night or powdered cotton socks back in the day.

There was something about rubbing Vicks VapoRub on feet.



Another remedy is soaking feet in Epsom salts and baking soda twice a day, as well as a turungi foot soak

It is an ever growing list depending on the success story or testimonial of the woman who feels forced to endure the smell of the men in her life.

 The kind of shoes that you buy. Having subscribed to footwear news, every so often I come across the more intriguing findings. You know, for instance, how sneakers are becoming all the rage these days? It just so happens that there are people who have smelly feet in mind. This time, for both men and women, because they understand poopyish smells do not discriminate. Never mind that princesses, queens — real or slay and divas, have feet that perspire strawberries.

 The wisdom of Dr Scholls states: “When feet sweat, excess foot perspiration soaks the lining of shoes and can create an environment for bacteria, which can grow and cause a bad odour.” For that reason alone, which is a lot, the world is being gifted with linings infused with antimicrobial components that serve to kill bacteria by constantly fighting the growth of microbes. Basically, think of your shoe lining as Wakanda and the antimicrobials as the Dora Milaje, ever loyal and fighting for their King. This technology is part of several shoe brands in the market that features in both open and closed shoes. Yes, when feet stink, the kind of shoe seems not to matter anymore. The Ecco Yucatan Sandal for instance is officially the most common male open shoe in Kenya. Google this strapped shoe and see. There is a lightweight female version as well as there are sporty shoes and even an Ariat cowboy boot that you have definitely spotted on wealthy Republicans on American dramas.

Then there is the wonder of Gore-Tex 3-D fit footwear said to be waterproof, breathable technology designed to contour to the shape of the foot like a sock. Tech that is shared with Gore’s brand partners such as Under Armour’s HOVR Phantom shoe and adidas Terres. Unfortunately, they debut in 2019.

What is special about these shoes is that they are lightweight styles designed for warmer weather. Also, when you step into a puddle it won’t soak through to your skin.

Finally, for ladies, sandals that smell fruit! Actually, I would say they are more like scented candles. Slide sandals that smell like tutti-frutti, jelly sandals (Sandak to those who are wondering) that smell like lemon, coconut scents and the Katy Perry Collections of Geli sandals that smell like grapes, lemons and strawberries, depending on which colour-flavour you prefer of course. You will know because the relevant fruit is stuck on the surface.

 Right now you can’t help but think the cool weather is not about to lift. But we know our kooky weather. We need shoes for the heat. Even if all it does is check in for a few minutes at a time. Perhaps the other half of the fresh and clean foot lies not in the home remedies and products in the market, but also in your choice of shoe. Choose wisely. For the sun will be soon upon us.

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