Sweet revenge from above as Kuya’s problems mount

Sunday March 24 2019

Kuya only released her when the boy also

Kuya only released her when the boy also started crying, saying: “Daddy mbona unaumiza mummy?” The boy was a photocopy of Kuya. ILLUSTRATION | IGAH | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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For it is written, “vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19

When Dr Apostle Reverend Elkana, the Revered Spiritual Superintendent of The Holiest of All Ghosts (THOAG) Tabernacle Assembly, told me those words two months ago, I did not believe him.

At the time, through a suspicious handshake with Bensouda, Kuya had upstaged me from the deputy’s office, rendering me useless and worried. I was down and angry and was planning on revenge.


But I am happy that I listened to God, and left vengeance to Him, for God truly punishes your enemies, leaving you praising His name.

You will all remember that soon after, Kuya was accused of CK with Redempta, a student at Mwisho wa Lami, who as a result dropped out of school. Not only did this put Kuya’s job at risk, it also caused him problems with his wife, Nzomo.

As you know, Kuya and Nzomo have a child together, and live together, even though they don’t like being called man and wife, they call each other partners. When news of the case broke, Nzomo was so upset that she left Kuya, and went to stay with Madam Ruth for a few days, vowing never to go back to Kuya.

She went back after three days, following a Bridge Building Initiative that was spearheaded by Mrs Atika.

“If you leave your husband, even TSC will believe that what Kuya is being accused of is true, and he will lose his job,” Mrs Atika told her.

“As long as you are married to a handsome, muscular man, be prepared for such cases,” Madam Ruth added.

In the meantime, Kuya was spending most of his time at TSC offices trying to kill the story. At the time, he was consulting Sapphire, a man who is a walking dictionary of TSC Code of Conduct, the Education Act and all other laws and regulations governing the teaching profession.


For those who don’t know, Sapphire has been interdicted multiple times, and always gets reinstated, thanks to his unrivalled knowledge of the laws.

He also knows a lot of people in the right places, and that is how the CK matter managed to disappear from Kuya’s file, and he returned to school. To appease Nzomo, he became more caring; even started carrying her bag every day, and during staffroom lunch time, would serve her.

He still hated me, and did not recognise my authority. In fact, when I called for a staff meeting last Monday, he did not attend, and never sent any apologies. I wanted to deal with him, but I remembered God’s words: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay”.

And God did not disappoint.

It was last Wednesday; we had arrived in school and were going about our normal duties when I heard noises from outside. There was commotion as a woman was quickly walking towards the offices, shouting and crying, with a boy in tattered clothes following.

“Tunalala njaa na we unasikia vizuri, pesa ya dawa hautumi, nguo haununui,” the woman was saying.

Mrs Atika went to her quickly and calmed her down. For a moment I was afraid it could be me but I clearly did not know the woman. Mrs Atika asked me if they could use my office and I allowed them. Once the woman had stopped crying, Mrs Atika called me to the office.

“Brenda, this is our deputy Mwalimu Andrew,” Mrs Atika introduced me. “He will assist you.”


“Pole sana Brenda,” I started, not sure where this would lead to.

“Could we please know what the problem is?” I said.

“I am looking for Nicodemus,” she said. “He is the father of my son but we have not seen him since last October.” She said that Nicodemus used to be a good father although they never got married.

“Alikua anatuma pesa until September 2018.”

I asked her to tell me his full names, for we did not have a Nicodemus in the staffroom. “Wacha kumtetea, Nicodemus anafunza hapa,” she shouted back at me.

Although we had closed the door to the deputy’s office, we could hear the teachers talking. “Hata nimeskia sauti yake,” Brenda said, and quickly opened the door and rushed to the staffroom.

“Nicodemus ulifikiria sitakupata?” she said as she confronted Kuya, who had just arrived together with Nzomo. He was carrying Nzomo’s bag.

“Unabebea wanaweka wengine bag na sisi tunalala njaa?”

“Wacha wazimu yako wewe mama,” said Kuya. “Case za nyumbani usilete hapa.”


“Umeniita wazimu!” exclaimed Brenda as she attacked Kuya. Using his strong hands, Kuya held her effortlessly and she couldn’t do anything, except to cry “Nicodemus Unaniuwa.”

Kuya only released her when the boy also started crying, saying: “Daddy mbona unaumiza mummy?” The boy was a photocopy of Kuya.

Using her experience and counselling skills, Mrs Atika managed to calm Brenda down, and even take her out of school. As she did this, Nzomo was all along crying, and Madam Ruth spent time with her, supporting her. They left school. When I called Kuya to my office to ask him about the case, he told me off. “You are only the deputy here, mambo ya nyumbani hayakuhusu kamwe.” He left my office.

During lunch time the next day, Sapphire, who had not been in school for two weeks, called Kuya Mr Carnal.

“You haven’t even finished dealing with your carnal knowledge case and you have another carnal case — child neglect?”

Kuya was infuriated, and he moved to punch Sapphire but Sapphire miraculously ducked, but fell down.

“You have assaulted me, Kuya?” Sapphire asked as he stood up, shaken. “That was attempted murder and I am going for a P3.

Utajua Sapphire ni nani,” he said as he left office.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God.