The kind of man that women want to date

Saturday March 5 2016

All those things that really impress women, are

All those things that really impress women, are exactly the same things that predict a man’s success in life. ILLUSTRATION| IGAH 

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Lots of things can make a man attractive to women. Everything from his smell to his abs! And for a quick fling, maybe that’s all it takes. Which is why even complete jerks get lots of girlfriends. But their relationships never last.

Because great abs don’t provide unconditional love and support. Or pay the bills. And so women are much more choosy when they’re looking for a long-term partner.

That doesn’t sound fair, but it’s a fact. And just the way the world is. Men have to compete hard to succeed in every part of life, not only to get the best girls.

So every man needs to know what women are looking for, if he wants to do well in his relationships — like a woman wants her guy to be confident. In fact, no one likes anxious or insecure men, including at work!

She wants a guy who knows what he wants in life. A man who’s hard working — and doing well. Who has good social skills, and is respected by everyone. Someone who other men don’t push around. Who has integrity and loyalty. Who stands his ground, and is never swayed by the crowd.

She wants a man who can make her laugh, and who can always see the bright side when times are tough.

She wants a man who treats women well. Who’s kind and welcoming to strangers. And warmhearted and non-judgmental towards his friends and family.

She wants a man who’s open about his emotions. A man who isn’t afraid to stand close and touch her in public. And who’s modest. Because a guy who endlessly brags about his cars and gadgets is as tacky as a woman who bangs on about her designer labels.


A man should be focused on other people, not himself.

Naturally she wants a skilful and considerate lover, who’s unselfish in bed, knows how to read her moods, how to intrigue her, and who makes sex joyful.

But she also wants a guy who’s sharp and well informed. Who she can connect with intellectually. Who always has something interesting to talk about, constantly challenges her, and keeps the whole relationship stimulating and meaningful.

She wants a man who’s naturally polite, and who respects others. Who automatically introduces himself to people and opens doors. Who treats waiters well, and helps her place her order without being overbearing.

She wants him to be well-groomed, and to take pride in his living space. So no more bachelor pads with empty beer bottles and pizza boxes everywhere! Because the way a man keeps his apartment, is a

strong indication of how well he will take care of his family.

And not just that. Because all those things that really impress women, are exactly the same things that predict a man’s success in life. So once a man gets get them right, he’s also on his way to a brilliant

career and social life!