Unique celebration that promotes unity in diversity

Saturday November 25 2017

A file picture of the Carrom match at Navnat

A file picture of the Carrom match at Navnat Bhavan. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Festival of Friendship is an annual celebration of youthful exuberance in sports and cultural activities with a difference.

Its concept is the brainchild of Oshwal Youth with the cardinal aim of bringing together young Kenyans from diverse communities and faiths to participate in various sports and cultural expositions thus providing a platform to share, care and understand each other.

The 2017 chapter of the festival commenced earlier this month, giving an opportunity to our youth to  compete and interact in numerous  sporting disciplines.

The activities graced various venues around the city of Nairobi amidst great fanfare. The festival is a unique celebration that unites Kenyans across ethnic, religious and racial barriers.

It promotes harmony in true spirit of Harambe.

Oshwal Youth have made us proud to be Kenyans.

Elsewher, Nairobi’s Sikh Union Club was the venue of yet another interesting and entertaining fun fare last weekend. The celebration dubbed Khel Mela or Sports Fare, was organised by another group of young Kenyans with a passion to serve and bring happiness to the less fortunate in the society. Ramgharia Youth Association offered an opportunity to watch a display of international and traditional sports whilst enjoying an authentic Punjabi hospitality and exotic Bhangra dance routines.

The group has been in existence fro the last 20 years. Its members devote time to organise social, cultural, religious and community awareness projects for the benefit of the Kenyan community.

The members have in the past been involved in famine relief activities, blood donation, medical camps and digging boreholes in remote areas.

The group still holds to the cultural and religious aspects of its aims. It regularly holds education and religious seminars to enlighten the community youth about the noble tenets of the Sikh religion.

And the Urafiki Utsav-a Kenyan friendship celebration coupled with seven decades of India’s independence. The exposition of Gotipua dance from Odisha was a colorful novelty and the highly stylised Kathak performance was enchanting. They were free.


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