ASIA SCENE: Using artistic passion to redefine the greater world

Sunday July 15 2018

Multi-talented entertainer Nilofer Abji. PHOTO | COURTESY

Multi-talented entertainer Nilofer Abji. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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“Motherhood is the inspiration that gives me the power to drive my artistic passion to explore the world of performing arts and entertainment.”  These are the words of Nilofer Abji, the bubbly and energetic princess of our world of entertainment.

When some years ago Nilofer made Kenya her home, little did she know that she was destined to rule the Kenyan radio airwaves as a versatile presenter and princess of hearts of a multitude of listeners who adore her selection of music and articulate radio shows on East FM.

Besides being an RJ, Nilofer excels as a dance choreographer, a make-up artist, an event organiser, and a much sought after emcee for prestigious national and international shows. Above all, she is an exceptionally talented performing stage actor.

Mrs Abji’s recent portrayal in the musical A Shaft of Sunlight as a damsel in love under the shadow of conflicting religious beliefs was greatly appreciated by all. Earlier last year in the Kenyanised version of Ray Cooney’s British comedy — It Runs in the Family, her seductive Rosy who tries to hide her secret affair was a gem of a performance.

When asked what makes her performances onstage true to life, Nilofer’s reply was “when I act or dance on stage, I get lost in the character that I play. In fact, I become the character and the character becomes me. I love finding myself in the roles I act. I believe the heart of an artist lies in its complete surrender to the creation and practice of art.”

Off stage Nilofer never stops redefining her artistic passion. She has a heavy and engaging schedule as a make-up artist and loves to turn faces into works of art. Any bride or model who comes her way is sure to walk away with stunning make-over.

Our multi-talented princess of art attended media, film and art classes in Mumbai, India, and has had the honour to act in popular Television serials DEVI, KUSUM AND RIHAEE. India’s loss of talent is Kenya’s gain as Nilofer’s creative and artistic life here has blossomed.

With appreciation from fans and art lovers, the true artist and human in Nilofer is far from satisfied.

Being a mother of a girl child, she aspires to be a social activist dedicated to help children, girls in particular, who lack education. She has begun working towards this in her own humble manner and she hopes to achieve bigger goals.

We thank Nilofer for all she has done to entertain and bring happiness to our world of art and culture. We wish her all the best in her future creative artistic and social endeavours.