I only sing about what makes sense to me

Saturday July 15 2017

Gospel singer Mercy Masika. PHOTO | COURTESY

Gospel singer Mercy Masika. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Who is Mercy Masika?

A mother, a wife, God’s representative on earth and above all I love Him as my personal saviour.


How long have you been a musician?

I started singing when I was 11 years old. I used to sing for my family every evening and by the time I was that age I had released my first album. My parents supported me. I had so many dreams and I had to make them a reality. I have 22 years in music.


Why gospel music? What is it about your songs?

I don’t like singing things that don’t make sense to me. I go by what I have passion in. I don’t have interest in secular music. My songs are not about the hit songs but what God is saying and what God wants me to do.


How many albums have you released?

Five. I am working on the sixth one.


Which was your hit song?

The third album Amukomete.

It is a Christian traditional song. This is the first song I performed at a national function. It was my wake up call. This was my breakthrough.


What are some of the challenges you have encountered?

Sometimes it might take a while for your music to hit. A lot of people give up during the process but I did not. I thank my God because I have grown.


What keeps you going?

The relationship I have with Christ. Being accountable to certain people who have my interest at heart and would call and inquire about the going.


What are your successes?

Being able to bless hearts with my songs. When someone comes with a testimony on how blessed they are through my songs I am inspired.


Has singing changed you?

I have had a normal life apart from the relationship I have with God. Nothing has changed in me.


Who are your role models?

My parents, my husband and pastors.


What decision are you most proud of?

I am so happy I didn’t quit gospel singing because I feel God helped me and giving up is not an option to me. I have never ergretted the line I took of gospel music.


Tell us about your husband. How was your first date?

He totally supports me in terms of family because at times I feel overwhelmed. He is good with the kids. He is my pillar and my pastor. He is a nice guy and an amazing man of God. I met him in a wedding, I was singing and he was taking a video camera and exchanged numbers and later on we met and here we are  together. Alleluya we praise Him.


How do you juggle between family and singing?

By God’s grace. We cover up for each other with my husband. When I am travelling he stands in for me and relates very well with the children and vice versa.


Which food does he like?

He likes Ugali, sukumawiki and Nyama through he’s not specific. He’s a better a cook than me though I am a trained chef.


What have been the most memorable moments in your career?

When I perform and people respond with the same energy. Winning awards have been something very positive about my career. I have won more awards Groove, Muwafaka, Sauti  and international awards.

What advice can you give to upcoming gospel musicians?

It is good to stay in touch with heaven and know what God is downloading for you. There are ups and down but with God on your side you will truly win the battle.


Apart from singing, what else do you do?

Am much on fashion but still working on it. And also mentorship programme for young girls.


What inspires you?

Purpose pushes me a lot.  I want to leave a good life and have my space.


How was the journey to be where you are?

It has been tough but I thank God because I have gone through them successfully. I am doing it because of my passion and not money and that has kept me going. When I am serving God I am happy because He rewards me and blesses me abundantly.


How many children do you have?

Two children, a boy and a girl. The girl  loves singing and I am sure she will be a star.


Is there a musician you are planning to collabo with?

I have imaginations but I have not concluded but when it comes we will just flow.


Given a chance what is it that you would change in Kenyan gospel sector?

I wish people would be on the gospel for a purpose and not money. If you are a Kingdom be Kingdom and nothing else.

Gospel music is not about being a super star but representing God on earth.


What next for Masika?

We are doing something big known as breakout life.  It’s more of worship and I feel I am going more in to worship. I want to do live recoding and that’s what my spirit is yawning for.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Very close to my God more than I am now.