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Why I’ll allow Fiolina to be with Fisi Alex again

Sunday September 8 2019


Only my mother didn’t like the development. She called me to offer some advice. ILLUSTRATION | J NYAGAH | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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If you remember, two weeks ago I did something unthinkable — I allowed Alex to travel with the laugh of my life to Eldoret.

They spent the night there as Alex was to take Fiolina to meet someone influential at the TSC.

I just didn't allow them to go, I ALSO funded them. I gave them money for bus fare, accommodation, and upkeep.

Yes, I funded the same Alex who has been pursuing my lovely wife for years. Alex, the chairman of Mafisi Sacco Mwisho wa Lami.

Some of you may be laughing at me wondering what kind of man I am, but I want to tell you that unlike many African men, I am not intimidated by my wife's independence.

Yes, I may be jealous. I am being fearful of Alex’s advances. But when all is said and done, as a family, we cannot eat jealousy.


We cannot put fear on the table for supper. That is why I decided to close my eyes, and allow the laugh of my wife to pursue her dreams.


Although Fiolina had assured me that Alex was just a college mate, and that there was nothing else between them, I would be lying to say that I slept easy that night.

I kept calling her, and I have no reason to believe that she was not alone.

I had expected them to be back home in the afternoon since their meeting was taking place early in the morning, but they had not arrived by 6pm.

It wasn't until 9pm that Alex delivered my Fiolina back to me. "The person was busy and we waited for long," said Alex apologetically. "Then matatus were few."

"It is OK," I said. "How did the meeting go? Kazi tunapata?" "I have done my part," he answered. "Let’s leave everything else to God."


He then asked to be allowed to leave. I wanted to see him off but he said he was OK.

He just requested to speak to Fiolina, and they spoke in low tones at the veranda as I waited in the house.

It was the longest five minutes of my life, but I kept reminding myself that there was a bigger reason this was happening.

"Eldoret is a good place," said Fiolina when she returned after seeing off Alex.

She told me of how Alex took her for lunch in a good hotel, where they ate chips and chicken. "The chips were so sweet and I carried some for you and Branton," she said excitedly.

Then added jokingly: "Alex sio kama wewe mwenye hunipeleka hotel za matumbo pekee."

She then served us the chips. You all know I am mature, but the maturity in me couldn't allow me to eat Alex's chips.


Even though I desperately craved for them. Reluctantly, I let Branton eat everything.

What was important for me was that Fiolina's smile and everything else was intact. I do not regret the decision to allow Fiolina to go to Eldoret with Alex.

In fact, I am happy that I did. Last week, she was invited for interviews scheduled for next week at our county headquarters. I first heard the news last Monday at Hitler’s.

“Hii Kenya iko na wenyewe,” Alphayo said as soon as I arrived. “Na ndio hawa wamefika.” It’s only after I prodded further that he explained.

“My grandson graduated from TTC in 2012 na hajawahi itwa interview, na bibi yako wa 2016 ashaitwa.”

I had not even known heard the news, but everyone seemed to know. News about Fiolina and yours truly always spreads in Mwisho wa Lami and it’s environs like bushfire.

“Fiolina applied just like everyone else,” I told him, avoiding the topic.


As expected, Alex called me that evening. “You have heard the good news? I told you to trust me,” he said. I thanked him and told him that I owed him a lot.

“Not now,” he said. “Let’s wait until Fiolina has the letter in her hands.” I agreed with him, knowing how this government operates.

I was congratulated everywhere I passed, as everyone believed that Fiolina already had a job. Only my mother didn’t like the development. She called me to offer some advice.

“Mama Sospeter akipata job itabidi ukuwe mwanaume kamili,” she said. “Vile namjua huyo akipata mshahara atamea pembe.” I told her not to worry. “Fiolina is a good woman.”

“You don’t know women my son,” she said resignedly. “You will tell me after just a month.”

My father on the other hand was very happy. Fiolina usually gives him money for a drink whenever she has something.


I arrived home to find Fiolina very elated. “I told you Alex hana maneno,” she said. “He just wanted to assist.”

I only nodded, wondering how Alex had to be dragged into such a happy moment. “Now the interview is set for next Monday,” she said. “Do you know the questions they ask?”

“No, I did my interview over 10 years ago,” I said. “Let me find someone who recently attended one then I will tell you.”

Last Friday I arrived home to find Fiolina in a jovial mood. “This Sunday sitakuwa from 12pm till late,” she said as we took supper. I asked her where she would be.

“I will be hiding somewhere preparing for the interview,” she said without giving details.

Upon prodding, she said Alex had accepted to coach her for the interview, and that he had asked they go to a quiet place so they are not interrupted. “You told me four days ago that you will talk to someone,” she said.

“We only have two days to the interview and you haven’t done anything. I know you and your mother want me to fail but you won’t succeed.”


I told her I was to meet that teacher the next day but she would hear none of that. “Why should I wait for you to meet another teacher then come tell me when I can easily meet a better teacher myself?” She asked.

I called Alex, who said he had organised a coaching session out of his interest for Fiolina to be employed.

He refused to reveal to me the location of the session. “It’s not a must for her to come. There are so many people who want this job. Fiolina is almost there but if you have any doubts, it’s OK,” he said then disconnected.

I have no option but to release Fiolina today, and hope nothing bad happens.

Who says she won’t see him even if I say NO. Cha muhimu ni bibi apate kazi. Good luck laugh of my life.