TAKE 5: Amar Jonathan

Friday January 11 2019

Amar Jonathan

Amar Jonathan is a stylist and a fashionista as well as a freelance social media and PR consultant. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Amar Jonathan is a lover of all things fashion. He is a stylist and fashionista besides being a freelance social media and PR consultant. Amar was recently crowned the Male Fashionista of the Year at the biggest fashion award show in East Africa, Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) held in Kampala last month. He has an eye for anything made in Kenya, and uses his platform to promote communal social responsibility.

1. Congratulations on your win. What criteria do you think the judges used to pick the winner?

Thank you! I think they were looking for someone who is able to push limits and whose sense of style is unique and tells a story. But let us not forget that the public also had a say in this through voting. Once again, thank you everyone for voting, I couldn’t be here without all of you!

2. Which of the other nominees do you admire and why?

There were four other nominees in this category: two from Nigeria, one from Tanzania and one other from Sudan. I admire Noble Igwe from Nigeria - I have a love for people who take pride in wearing and promoting their local brands.

3. What do you think is lacking in the male fashionista circle in Kenya and what is the true definition of a fashionista?

Men in Kenya play too safe with their style. All the male fashion bloggers I know are doing suits. I think here, men are expected to dress a certain way by society, so they tend to not have fun with their style. A true fashionista would be able to pull a look in five minutes, and when they walk into a room everyone will ask, "Who is your stylist?''

4. What local brands do you favour?

Monoxrome, Ikwetta, Oye By Ricky, Kipato Unbranded, and El Afrique.

5. What is the one fashion piece you possess that you think adds pizzazz to any outfit?

The Afrykah Necklace from Kipato Unbranded.