How can I make my resume stand out from all others?

Wednesday March 18 2020

Every time I submit my resume for a job, I get turned down. PHOTO | FILE

I am an IT graduate with four years of experience. Every time I submit my resume for a job, I get turned down. I have never quite understood what details I should include in my resume and which ones I should leave out. One interviewer recently told me after an interview that I need to modify my CV if I am to pass any interview, yet my document has all the necessary components. Please advise me?

It can be frustrating to receive no response from recruiters despite making numerous job applications. The reasons for this may or may not be related to the contents of your CV. Perhaps you are applying for roles for which you are not suited, or you are simply a victim of the yawning mismatch between the number of people seeking jobs and the jobs available in the market.

There is no hard and fast formula for what must form the contents of every CV. It is generally held, however, that a CV should bear your contact details to enable recruiters reach you.

These include a summary profile that indicates your key attributes and career interests, your academic background, preferably limited to college or university studies, and your work experience laid out in reverse chronological order, highlighting key achievements in each role.

Some recruiters pay keen attention to what you do besides your job. Do you volunteer your services to other organisations or causes? Do you participate in sports? How else do you positively impact your world?

As you review your CV, ask yourself some questions: Do I clearly understand the remit of the job for which I am applying? How could I better highlight my work experience relative to job requirements without stretching the truth?

Must I have a cookie cutter CV or could I modify it to suit the jobs I am applying for while ensuring that it retains its essence?

Include two or three referees. You never know. An employer might value the opinion of a referee to your advantage.

Referees should be credible individuals who are familiar with your work and character. Needless to state, check that the formatting and grammar of your CV is unstained by careless errors.

Fred Gituku, Human Resources Practitioner ([email protected])