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TAKE 5: Mumala Maloba

Thursday November 23 2017

Mumala is a self-made vocalist who brags an

Mumala is a self-made vocalist who brags an enviable vocal range and inspiring song writing skills. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Mumala is a self-made vocalist who brags an enviable vocal range and inspiring song writing skills.

Her music career begun early on and has been nurtured by the likes of June Gachui, Sara Mitaru and Sauti Sol. While dabbling in both music and law, she has released a few singles, such as ‘Where Did The Love Go’ and ‘Paper Chasing’, featuring Octopizzo.


1. How would you define your musical style?

Urban soul and RnB.


2. Do you think it is harder for today’s young artist to penetrate this sector than it was, say, a decade ago? What is your experience?

I believe the word ‘hard’ is subjective. True, it’s definitely not a bed of roses when starting out; there are hindrances and ups and downs, but just like any other career, it depends on how you tackle them. I wasn’t fully based in Kenya when I got into music, so that made it a bit hard because I wasn’t fully present. Generally, it hasn’t been so hard. It’s all about how much you put in, consistency and how smartly you execute it. Others are doing it, aren’t they? I’m all for positive vibrations!


3. Who are some of your favourite local artists and who is that one person you would like to collaborate with?

That’s a tough one but, here goes: Blinky Bill, Le Band, Dela, Noel Nderitu, Tetu Shani...those are some of the local artists on loop on my play list. As for a collabo, I’d love to work with Mayonde and Nyashinski.


4. What goes through your head when you see people criticising artists, (For instance Sauti Sol and Mwafreeka) who speak their mind about politics? Do you think those who say they should stick to music are right?

Firstly, everyone is entitled to an opinion; we live in an era where we are free to voice them. I’m a huge advocate for equity. I think that just because you have different views doesn’t mean yours outshine those of others, so respect others’ opinion.

An ordinary mwananchi wouldn’t be bashed for voicing his opinion, so why attack someone just because he or she is a public figure? We need to remember that politics affects each one of us regardless of the career we are in.


5. Where can we find your music, and what are you working on next?

You can find it on SoundCloud, YouTube and Mdundo. I’m really excited and looking forward to sharing my upcoming projects and album. All I can say is that it’s going to be eargasmic.