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Nokia’s 106 is a hustler’s dream phone

Friday November 23 2018

The Nokia 106.

The Nokia 106. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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The Nokia 105 has gotten a makeover. It will now come as the Nokia 106.

It is a major improvement over the 105, and, surprisingly, works out well. It comes running on a Mediatek MT6261D, backed by 4MB RAM and 4MB storage without an expansion slot.

It has a 120 x 150-pixel resolution, 1.8 inch display that supports 65K colours and is enough to see the menu, which is likely all you see. It is a pure GSM device, with dual SIM support and an FM radio that does not work without a headset. It of course comes with a torch, “Mulika Mwizi”, if you like.

It is a straightforward easy to use phone, just like the 105. You put in your SIM card, plug in the 800 mAh battery and you are good to go. The most obvious reason for owning one of these is that you get a phone that you only need to charge once a week or so. Being a feature phone means that there are no fancy apps, no software updates, and since it has no data support, no browser.

The other appeal thus becomes that you have a phone that gives you a whole new level of privacy, one that disconnects you from app noise. This is a businessman’s phone, and the running joke is that even if it tumbled down six flights of stairs while ringing, when it finally comes to a halt, it will still be ringing. At Sh2,500 it’s affordable.