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TAKE 5 with 'Sannie' Sanford

Friday March 15 2019

Sanford Masinde is a food photographer. PHOTO| COURTESY

Sanford Masinde is a food photographer. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Sanford Masinde is a full time food photographer based in Nairobi.

He believes food is ‘nurturing, carries warmth, belonging, community, friendship, and gathering around a simple table at home, away from the chaos and the seemingly growing tension felt in our world.’

Launched in 2014, his Sannie Sanford social media endeavour began as a passion project, which turned into a creative business venture.

He has worked with Jumia Food, Miss Mandi Throwdown, Uncle Nene’s Kitchen, Colosseum Restaurant, Blankets & Wine and Big Square.

1. Do you think food photography is a bit of a niche specialisation in terms of your profession?

Yes, it is, our food culture keeps growing daily, and documenting it is very important.

I had a long-running interest in food, so when my interest in photography grew, I decided to infuse the two. I have never looked back since.


2. What led you to become a photographer in the first place?

My parents had cameras, so I got introduced to photography at an early age. When Instagram launched and Mutua Matheka (photographer) organised an InstaMeet, I attended.

It turned out to be a good platform to interact with photographers and photography enthusiasts.

This is about the time I started to take photography seriously. So no, I don’t have any formal training.


3. What are some of the favourite food projects you have worked on before, conceptually and image-wise?

Hands down, ‘the 100 Days of Kenyan Throwdowns’ that I did with Miss Mandi some time back, as well as working with Uncle Nene’s Kitchen.


4. Doing what you do, you must have a bunch of favourite restaurants…

The Carnivore, Caffe Concerto, Mandhari Restaurant at Serena Hotel, Pwani Pool Restaurant at Fairview Hotel, Soko Restaurant at Dusit and Mayura.


5. How much influence on the quality of a photo does one’s camera have?

A camera compliments a creative mind to produce an amazing image. Great cameras definitely produce quality images.