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TAKE 5:Jean Wandimi

Friday February 3 2017

Jean Wandimi is a wine enthusiast and a food, wine, drink and travel writer. PHOTO | COURTESY

Jean Wandimi is a wine enthusiast and a food, wine, drink and travel writer. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Jean Wandimi is a wine enthusiast and a food, wine, drink and travel writer, (check out She is also a columnist with Drum Magazine East Africa and the African Correspondent at Wine Tourist Magazine International.

She creates content (videos and articles) that teach people about food and wine, alongside running her YouTube channel. She is also a digital marketing consultant and co-founder of a digital agency called  

1. Would you consider undergoing the sommelier training?

Yes, I would. I have taken some short courses but I am looking at taking something more substantial. I love wine, and taking some formal training like they give at the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) is something that I am looking to do sometime. 

2. Many people know you for your wine writing, but you also write about food and travel. What are some of your favourite destinations?

I loved Stellenbosch, (South Africa) so much because it is the epicentre of wine production and the wine, food, weather and people are great. I often reminisce about waking up in vineyards and sipping wine while looking at the picturesque views. I would love to visit so many African countries.


3. And of course, the question all wine enthusiasts are asked: how can you tell what a good wine is?

A good wine is one that has balance of flavours. It is easy to think that a good wine is that which appeals to the senses, but if this were true, every sweet wine would be good wine. When a wine is balanced, none of the qualities, such as flavour, acidity or tannicity overshadow the others. My take is that if the wine has a longer finish (the longer the wine lingers on the tongue), the better it is. However, it all boils down to personal preference when choosing which wine to buy. 

4. Do you find it hard to go into a restaurant and not immediately start rating everything? Do you ever call out managers?

Yes, sometimes I have, but I have been trying out different wines that I have not tried out before. There are so many wines coming into the market, and if I don’t like a bottle, I simply know that it is a learning curve and tasting and trying is part of the job. The only reason I would call someone out is if they served me corked wine.

Thankfully, that has never happened. 

5. What is your plan for your blog, and for yourself, in the next five years?

The blog has opened doors for me in terms of creating content. I love telling stories through writing and I have just started making videos too. I love how this industry keeps evolving over time and challenges one to create more. I just hope that the blog will continue growing to something epic. My dream is to live life on my terms, have amazing experiences and to be happy (as vague and unspecific as that may sound). I also have a digital marketing agency that is growing daily, so I am happy about that too. 


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Dear future wife,

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I hope that the Lord has granted you wisdom because you will need that to deal with my stubborn self.

I also hope that you go to church because sometimes I don’t feel like going and I will need someone to nudge me (the wisdom thing will apply here).