Take 5 with Adelle Onyango

Friday October 12 2018

Adelle Onyango. PHOTO | COURTESY

Adelle Onyango. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Adelle Onyango is a radio host at Kiss 100; was listed as one of BBC100 Women of 2017, and Okayafrica’s 100 Women of 2018. She is a poet, actress and social activist, and the CEO of Adelle Onyango Limited.

1. You recently attended the Goalkeepers conference in New York by invite of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What were you there to accomplish, and what did you learn?

I was there because of the work I’m doing with a Hive project named Better For Kenya where we advocate for; and lead conversations on gender equity. I wanted to network, meet people from across the globe who have different projects all with an aim to bring positive change. And that I did! I also learnt about effective ways to track activity and data so that I can know if my projects have an impact or not.

2. There's a lot to be said about youth joining initiatives like these, as well as political engagement on the ground. Are you doing anything in terms of civil awareness and youth empowerment here?

I’m so driven to partner with African youth to come up with solutions and opportunities for us all. My project ‘TeamAdelle’ has over 3000 members and I have been able to give them access to scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities. We currently have a Job Shadow Program, giving members access to shadow professionals in their dream careers. The project involves members to discuss what their pain points as young Africans are, and what solutions we can create to address them.

3. How's your vlog going, and what should we be expecting from you next? Who are some of your favourite guests, whom you've had on the vlog?

AdelleTV is less of a vlog and more of a hub that hosts real and raw African stories. It’s important for us to tell our own stories, and as many of them as is possible.

I recently hosted Silayio and she candidly shared about her battle with depression. I also hosted Kennedy Odede who is the co-founder of SHOFCO. I’m so excited about the stories we are about to share towards the end of the year from across Kenya!

4. Your radio star keeps rising higher and higher. How important were mentors to you through this journey?

My late mum was who I’d call my mentor as she really drummed into me that I was worthy and enough as I am. That helps me in all I do, not only radio. I do however salute the females who cleared paths in media before me. Their fights made it possible for me, a young African woman, to sit in front of this mic and say whatever I feel like!

5. When you're not helping foundations, slaying, conquering New York, being on radio and selling popping make-up - what are you doing?

Sleeping! I love my sleep and it’s healthy to sleep. I am not a member of Team No Sleep! I’m also getting back my love for road trips so I try squeeze in one every so often.