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They won't promote me yet I perform managerial duties!

Friday July 26 2019

You had a great opportunity to ask more about

You had a great opportunity to ask more about the job and its requirements. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Q: I got this job miraculously. The CEO of this company visited my former workplace and found me making a presentation to my bosses. I was working as a copywriter by then. A few days later, he reached out and asked me to join in their team. I didn’t think twice! However, I have not been happy. For one to be hired as a copywriter here, they need university degree. Yet every time there is a presentation to be made, I am made to do it. I feel this is unfair. Please help?

It is good you got your job miraculously. I read somewhere that the most important miracles are not about what happens to us, but are about what didn’t happen. In your case what you call “not thinking twice” was your first mistake. When the deal is good, think harder and seek views of a trusted friend or mentor.

I know there is a sense of self- importance when we are approached to take jobs as opposed to being subjected to usual advert, application and interview process. This perception often makes some candidates let their guard down by failing to scrutinise their potential employer as they would under normal circumstances.

You had a great opportunity to ask more about the job and its requirements. Had you done this, what you are experiencing now would not take you by surprise. Lesson one, when you are headhunted for a role, you hold more power than the one recruiting you. Use that to know more about the potential employer, and to negotiate the best deal you can get.

Lesson two, be a little patient with your career growth. You are hardly a year into your role but you seem quite impatient for a promotion. I suspect that you made a lateral move to this new role. You may be counting the many years you have been a copywriter, while your new employer still sees you as too new in the job, and still in your learning phase.

Lesson three, do not allow yourself to be put down by outdated company policies. If you are doing this work far better than those with what is perceived as the right qualifications, you have to negotiate knowledgeably.


Seek an opportunity to present your case as an outstanding employee, whose work is highly regarded by others. Just request to be given a chance to prove yourself. The fact that you are in school to increase your skills and expand your knowledge should add weight to your request.

Final word, do not isolate yourself by feeling you are better than them. Instead, seek to engage and build alliances that are aligned to your values and principles.

Mwikali Muthiani - Managing Partner, MillennialHR