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12 reasons why you should attend a college fair

Friday January 18 2019

A student.

Attending college fairs enables you to make an informed choice since you will be in a position to compare. PHOTO\ FOTOSEARCH 

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With various institutions offering similar courses, what would prompt you to settle for one over the other? And how do you find out more about the different institutions offering the course you are interested in?

On Saturday, January 26, a week from now, myNetwork will host a university and college fair that will bring various tertiary institutions under one roof. There will also be a panel which will host, among other speakers, a HR expert, who will be at hand to answer any career-related questions you may have. So, why should you attend such an event?

1.Meet representatives from a range of institutions
Most college fairs attract a number of learning institutions, so this is a great platform to find out what is on offer in these schools. During the last career fair we hosted last year, we had tens of institutions in attendance, and it can only get better. Attending one enables you to make an informed choice since you will be in a position to compare.

2. An opportunity to ask questions
There are a couple of questions that you might not be able to ask through an institution’s social media platforms or website. By attending such a forum, you are certain of having a face-to-face chat with representatives from these institutions who can satisfactorily respond to your queries.

Some help their graduates get internships or work placement while there are others that offer scholarships and work-study opportunities. Such opportunities are what set aside one institution from another. Use this chance to find the institution of your dreams.

3. Explore new options


While you might have a list of institutions offering the course you are interested in, you might be amazed to know that there are others offering the same course, only that they also offer better learning facilities or the tuition fee is more available.

4. Get immediate feedback from the representatives
Engaging representatives from the different institutions on a one-on-one basis allows you to get more information about a particular institution than you could by going through a prospectus or website. The feedback will help you to whittle down your list of preferences.

5. Find out about pre-college programs
Various institutions of higher learning offer pre-college programs aimed at developing your skills and preparing you for life in, and after college. While you might not find in-depth information about the programs online, attending a college fair presents a good opportunity to learn more about them and their benefits.

6. Get brochures and pamphlets for in-depth analysis

One of the advantages of attending a college fair is that you take home brochures from the institutions exhibiting, this way, you can go through them later in detail and make comparisons and contrasts. You can do this with the help of a guardian or a mentor. Also, ensure that you get contacts for the institution in case you want to make a follow-up.

7. Make on ground registration

If you are certain about the course and institution you would like to advance your education, you can make onsite registration rather than go to the institution for the same process.

Worth noting is that some institutions give discounts to learners who register onsite. With this in mind, it is advisable that you carry documents such as a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) result slip and a copy of your ID.

8. Learn more about the institution’s culture

Based on what the institutions’ representatives choose to emphasise on, you will get an idea of what to expect should you join the institution. For instance, some institutions are keen on what students wear within their precincts.

9. Network with other students

How fun it would be to meet hundreds of form four graduates converged at one place! Use this chance to learn from each other and share tips regarding courses and institutions you have selected. This is also a good opportunity to find out what they are doing as they wait to join college.

10. Engage HR experts on site

If you have never interacted with a human resource professional, attending a college fair gives you a chance to do so. This is one of the individuals that will interview you once you graduate and start searching for a job. Find out from them how you can make yourself marketable while still in school and how to prepare yourself for the job market in advance.

It is not too early to learn what employers look for in an employee or how to package your CV. Be sure to find out how viable the course you have selected is.

11. Save money

Advancement in technology has made it easy to access most information online, however, sometimes, you might be required to make a physical visit to a particular institution in case the online information is insufficient. Rather than move from one college to another, a college fair makes it possible for you to engage all these institutions under one roof.

12. Giveaways and attractive offers

Show me a person that does not appreciate free things. There will be lots of freebies and prizes to be won, including branded notebooks, pens and t-shirts.

If you plan to study a course related to media, you will be happy to know that myNetwork will offer a three-months’ internship to one lucky winner. It could be you, but only if you make it to the fair!