15 signs you are incredible in bed

Couples should be confident and unafraid to try new things. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

What you need to know:

  • Mostly A’s – You are a total seductress! You like to play, tease and have your fun in bed.
  • Mostly B’s – We are sorry to break it to you but you really suck in bed. You come off as super shy and prudish.

Hey, he has already hinted that your game is lit.

But a girl has to confirm, you know. This test will tell you where you stand on the scales.

When it comes to intimacy and spending time with your love interest in between the sheets, most of us like to think that we are good at it.

But do you wonder what you are really like? Do you wonder how the person you are getting with perceives you?

Well, there is only one way to find out and it doesn’t involve calling your exes. Take our quiz.

For each question, pick the answer that best describes you or your situation. For an accurate score, be as truthful as possible. We promise to keep it between us.

When was the last time you had sex?

a) This morning; b) I can’t remember when; c) Sometime this week

Does the topic of sex make you uncomfortable? a) It’s my favourite topic; b) I’m blushing just taking this test. What does that tell you? c) No. I talk about it with my friends regularly

You want to surprise your man when he gets home from work one evening. You are likely to...

a) Lay on the bed waiting with nothing on; b) Buy him his favourite brand of alcohol; c) Sneak into the shower with him

If your man just isn’t getting it right in the bedroom, you will...

a) I will show him exactly what I want done; b) I will fake an orgasm and get it over with. There is always another time, right?

c) I will suggest that we try something else to see if he gets it

Choose a pick up line that you like If I told you, you have a nice body, would you hold it against me? Feel my blouse, that’s girlfriend material I’ll cook dinner if you’ll cook breakfast

When you are getting it on with a new catch, what will be on your mind?

a) I will be wondering whether he will be able to get it right; b) I’ll be worrying about my body. About whether it’s good enough; c) Honestly, I will not be doing much thinking

Are you a good dancer?

a) I can go all night; b) I like to sit and watch; c) I get by. I’m not the star of the show but will not be stepping on people’s feet on the dance floor

When it comes to sex positions, you...

a) Change them every night; b) Stick to what I know; c) It depends on the mood but I like to try new things

Are you cuddled a lot after the deed?

a) All the time. I’m like a human teddy bear; b) I can’t remember the last time I was cuddled; c) Yes, most of the time

Do you talk dirty to your man in bed?

a) Of course! I can make his ears burn; b) No. Dirty talk is not really my thing; c) I have some pretty good lines

Have you been with someone who criticised your bedroom skills?

a) No. You can’t criticise perfection; b) Yes and it sucked hearing that; c) Not really. If someone did though, I would try and make improvements

Do you actually enjoy doing the deed?

a) Of course! How can I not? b) I just do not get the buzz around sex. It’s not a life or death situation; c) Yes. Sex however can be overrated at times

If your man suggested that you try something new in the bedroom, you are likely to...

a) As long as I’m in charge, I’m game; b) I will probably use it against him. I mean, if he has been with me, where has he been learning new things? c) I’ll be willing to try as long as it’s not too crazy or physically uncomfortable

Music in the bedroom during sex is... a) It’s what I’ll be doing a strip tease to; b) It’s okay. Who pays attention to music during sex anyway? c) It sets the mood well

What do you think about role-playing? a) I’ll do whatever it is I need to do to get there; b) It looks good in the movies but in real life, I would feel really dumb trying it; c) That would depend on the fantasy

What your score means

Mostly A’s – You are a total seductress! You like to play, tease and have your fun in bed. However, you may not be thinking about your partner much. It can also be fun to relinquish control sometimes. You should try it.

Mostly B’s – We are sorry to break it to you but you really suck in bed. You come off as super shy and prudish. The good news is that if you show a little bit of interest, you can make some improvements.

Mostly C’s – You my friend are a star in bed. You seem confident and unafraid to try new things while keeping in touch with your partner’s pleasure needs. Keep it up.