DAY IN THE LIFE: Helping people solve their problems

Saturday February 27 2016

Alexandra Vaporidis is a life coach, a

Alexandra Vaporidis is a life coach, a Neuro-lingusitic Programming (NLP) trainer. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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“I was a school counsellor for a decade before I discovered neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. While counselling is about talking, NLP gave me the avenue to actually help clients work through their problems. It is more fulfilling for me.

In addition to identifying the problem, NLP training involves inner healing and transformation which gives birth to self-motivation and self-empowerment.

“All my days start with quantum breathing and some meditation to get me in a trainer’s frame of mind, one in which I can truly listen and discover my deepest needs as well as help others achieve the same.

Some days I will be woken up by a frantic call from a client needing an emergency session. Most days though, I take on those with appointments.

“My clients’ needs are as varied as the clients themselves. Today for instance, I worked with a couple struggling with various relationship dynamics, a parent and a teenager.

The younger clients, I have observed over the years, are usually struggling with attention issues. I think today’s generation of parents is struggling with the ever-elusive work-life balance. I know that my job is done when I see positive changes in my clients

stick. My motto is: whatever you think you are, you are greater than that.

“When I am not seeing clients, I host workshops on weekends. I am currently working on the pregnancy collective which will bring together a group of pregnant women to discuss their fears and experiences and do physical exercises aimed at connecting

them to the energy of birth. I am very excited about this particular workshop because I am pregnant. Finally, I get to practise and experience all those things I have learnt and taught over the years. I want to give parenting my very best shot.

“When your job is to help people work through their problems, it is easy to get invested in them. With time, this can be emotionally overwhelming. To counter this, I have to go through supervision at least two times a month. This involves meeting with my

coach and sharing and getting counselled.

“When I am not working, I love the outdoors. I have a home office, so after work I take my three dogs for a walk before coming back home to have dinner with and bond with my fiancé.

Especially now that I am pregnant, I have early nights. I turn in between 9 and 10pm but not before planning for the next day.”