How not to find a husband

Friday October 11 2019

Show the slightest interest in the contents of his bank details on a date today and the average Kenyan man will scamper away. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


So I stumbled upon an article titled "129 ways to get a husband" authored in 1958 for an American magazine.

It is interesting how there is still such a fuss around getting hitched as there was 60 years ago. Women are not only reading magazine articles now, they are using social media and paying big bucks to attend husband nabbing conferences.

This reminds me of a west African pastor who last year convinced thousands of women to pay thousands of shillings for a prayer retreat. He guaranteed that each of them would be married within 90 days.

Shortly after, he was online flaunting a brand new Ferrari. I wonder how many of these women found Mr Right. Back to our husband finding old list, its proof of how far we have come.

Instead of advising women to take up medicine or engineering courses, the author, in very good faith, tells women to get a job in a medical school or to learn to paint and then exhibit the paintings outside an engineering school.



Some of the advice here is surprisingly practical for a woman on the prowl. Like not to discuss former boyfriends with your new catch or to be nice to everybody as they may have an eligible brother or son.

You never know who is watching, right? It’s also pretty sound advice to start a whispering campaign on how sought after you are or to practice your drinking with your women friends first. We all know that alcohol isn’t for everyone.

Some of the husband nabbing tips given here if applied today would be classic examples of what not to do if you are looking to get into a progressive relationship.

Maybe in 1958 it was a great idea for women to learn to bake tasty apple pies, bring one of these to the office and let eligible bachelors taste it.

I see a woman attempting to do this today as one digging herself deeper in to the hole of bias against women in the workplace.


I shared this intriguing list of tips with a male friend and he couldn’t understand what the problem is with a woman showing off her cooking skills. “These are illustrations of women trying to be women, not trying to be men. It’s very attractive,” he argued.

I have no problem with domesticity. If whipping up a gourmet meal is what tickles her fancy then a woman should pursue it. This is different from trying to feed and mother your colleagues.

They will like you for sure but how are they going to respect you? Cook your heart out if you want, just leave the apron at the office door.

The author, who obviously never envisioned a vain and materialistic existence like we have today, thought that if a man is rich, it will intrigue him if a woman comes outright on a first date and tells him that she likes his money.

Ha! Show the slightest interest in the contents of his bank details on a date today and the average Kenyan man will scamper away.

He wants to talk about the economy and corruption and how Manchester United is losing this season – not his money.

Also, unless he has married you, do not send his mother a birthday card. Do not.