PLAIN TRUTH: Ladies, he can’t be rich and stupid

Friday November 3 2017

You can’t get a man to spend all his money on

You can’t get a man to spend all his money on you if he is the sort of man who understands wealth creation and management. . PHOTO/FILE 

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Everybody knows at least one young (or not) woman who is waiting for the man who will turn her life round.

The one rich man who will come into her life and ‘invest’ in her. Maybe she has already met him. Maybe he is much older.

Rich. Married. If you ask, she will tell you that she is reeling him in, grooming him for that moment when he will begin to do her bidding. The obvious assumption on her part is that the man in question is not that bright.

If you are this woman, you need to snap out of it. A man can’t be wealthy and have built a business empire from the ground up and still be stupid – not when it comes to his money.

He may be spending money on you. He may have rented an apartment for you, bought you a small car which is still in his name, maybe he even gives you an allowance which you pay for with your body, soul and pride, but he is not stupid.


He no doubt also gives you lots of promises. “I will buy you a house.” “I will buy you your dream car.” “I will start a biashara for you.”

And you, because you do not want to work hard, and you have little self-respect, believe him.

He will give you just enough money and material possessions to keep you happy and in his corner but not enough that you can leave him.

He will not fall into your trap. He is aware that all you’re bringing to the party are your youth and looks, so how much of his money will be bring? One is a depreciating asset and another an appreciating one. Think.

If you have dreams bigger than a rented apartment and a small car, you will need to come up with a different strategy. One that will entail doing so much more than being an on-call girlfriend. Your plan will need to give you real independence.

Why are you devaluing yourself in the long-term for vain, short-term benefits? I agree, these are tough economic times and jobs are scarce.

I agree that sometimes, to make anything of yourself, you will need to start at the bottom of the food chain.

You may need to do an odd job or two. In the long-term though, you will have financial freedom without needing to be at the beck of call of anyone else. And of course you will get to keep your underwear on and your dignity intact.

Stop selling yourself short. Begin aspiring to more than nice handbags and shoes or spa treatments.

Your dignity and pride are much more precious possessions.

And do not forget that while you are hanging on his arm and dreaming of the contents of his wallet, there are other women in line waiting for a man just like him, only some of them are younger, slimmer and prettier.