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This is the ideal time to find love

Saturday March 21 2020

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If you are single and searching, the good news is that we have enough dating apps from where you can find love. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK 

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The other day, a friend hilariously narrated how she has been dumped several times in the recent past for not having sex with a love interest fast enough. Turns out she had been trying to find a serious relationship on a popular dating app where men and women are known to be on the prowl for hook-ups. Casual sex and meaningless interactions, where a man can't be bothered to remember your name as soon as you walk out of the door can be frustrating for a woman who is looking for love.

Any relationship expert will advise you that if you need to find a suitable mate, you need to put yourself out there. In these times when the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing is being encouraged, putting yourself out there will come with a higher risk.

But then, this is a lonely time too. With so much information coming your way, it's scary to wade through what could be fake alarming news alone.

What you need to know is that being isolated and home shouldn't cut your quest to date and find a suitable partner.

Time to bring back courtship?

I had a sit down with a lady who runs a dating agency a few weeks ago and she shared that over the years, she has been pleasantly surprised at the number of long-term relationships that stem from her introductions. The difference between the dating agencies with a regular couple that would meet in a bar, for instance, is that with the agency, once you are paired up, you get to talk on the phone, know each other a little bit before you actually meet in person and intimacy gets in the way. The good old fashioned way where you get to know each other a bit more before having sex is not overrated.


If you are single and searching, the good news is that we have enough dating apps from where you can find love. The better news is that in these uncertain times, there is no rush. As you take care of your health, you can browse the man of your dreams, nurture an emotional connection with them for weeks before the health crisis is over and you can meet them in person.

Wipe down your phone and start swiping. It's time to make phone calls, texting and video chats sexy again. And now that the population is anxious for not knowing how the next few weeks will unfold, this may be a chance to see first-hand how your love interest will behave under this kind of pressure. Also, instead of the usual awkward fist date conversations on the weather, favourite colours and the BBI, this here is a chance to have real, important life conversations.

And if you have been dating for a while and are so tired of the scene, that you can't imagine going on one more date, the time spent indoors may just be the reprieve you need from the dating fatigue.