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Places to meet women

Friday June 1 2018

Even though the world has become a village, it seems that it’s become harder for single people to meet new people. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP

Even though the world has become a village, it seems that it’s become harder for single people to meet new people. PHOTO| FILE| NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Even though the world has become a village, it seems that it’s become harder for single people to meet new people.

I hear that a lot: ‘Biko, why don’t you introduce me to your single friends?’ I think there gets a point in life where you don’t have single friends.

They simply become rare. And the few single friends you might know are not the kind of friends you want to introduce to anybody because they come with missing parts.

I suspect that the reason nobody ever meets anybody new is because they all go to the same places and meet the same old people and do the same things while expecting different results.

I have a few suggestions for places that you can meet new people, if you are looking.


This is assuming that you are not a frequent churchgoer. The house of the Lord will never go out of fashion as the place to meet new people.

Forget the girls in the choir. If you go to church many times you will identify and start seeing a particular lady because people generally tend to sit in one general area at church.

That way the angels don’t have to look too hard for you when taking roll call. Striking a conversation is normally easy because, well, she can’t just blow you off in the house of the Lord, can she?


Take up invitations to the most random of events. You won’t believe the places you will meet sound women. Like the Rotary club.

That’s actually the last place you’d expect to look, but you would be surprised. A girl in a Rotary club sounds like a girl with other purposes in her life that revolve around something bigger than her.

You can also meet ladies at tree planting exercises. I think you can pretty much meet a woman in most of these places but I would draw the line at meeting a woman at a shooting range. I don’t know. That sounds a bit precarious, if you are thinking long term.


Yes. The arty types like going to the art galleries. They stare at paintings for too long. They want to understand the meaning of life and the meaning of themselves.

They are the types who want to peel off layers of everything and get to their true meaning. Art galleries are a good place. But be prepared to offer more than “this painting is nice.”


This is probably the best place if you are looking for a single mother who is independent. Not that they are the only ones who go there, you will also find other mothers there but you are not interested in those one.

This beautiful single mom’s sit under an umbrella and look at their children get trained to swim. They do that for hours. They will be reading a book.

Or just sip tea.  Most are bored, on their phones. Walk up and say something complementary about their child’s uptake of breastroke. Everybody loves to hear something nice about their children.


Statics show that you are likely to end up with someone whose taste in music is very different from yours. These are statistics that I have just made up but that I truly believe in.

So if you love Rock music, try going to a Benga concert. If you love Hindi music (for some reason that we might have to discuss later) try going for Afro-fusion do. Stop going to places that you would normally enjoy. Swim upstream, sometimes that’s where the fish is.


This is the best place. A little caveat; it would be nice if you can read, though. Because women for some reason can’t stand you when you are daft. The bookshop is where you meet sapiosexuals.


Like cookery class. You won’t believe how many women you will meet there. Plus most likely you will be the only male there.

Should you be two males, find a way of putting a laxative in the other gentleman’s meal. No, I’m only joking. A man in a cookery class is a special man, they say.

There are also the spin-classes in the gym. It starts with you adjusting her seat and then it goes to pulling her seat for coffee in a cafe. It could also be a gardening groups.

There is an association of Orchid owners in Kenya. Did you even know that? I didn’t. There are tons of women in there who love flowers and nature.

Women in such groups tend to be tender because women who love flowers are more mild, they want to nurture. And they are patient. Zumba classes are also great because dance is sensual.

You are forced to move. The only class I wouldn’t advocate for is a yoga class. Yogis somehow expect you to hit on them. So don’t.

In short, stop sitting in a bar as you have for years hoping the right one will walk in.