SEXUAL HEALTH: Secrets of breasts unravelled

Friday June 30 2017

Ever wondered why men are attracted to breasts?

Ever wondered why men are attracted to breasts? And do sizes matter? How about the cause of sagging?  PHOTO | FILE 

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It has been a while since Chama members invited me for their monthly meetings. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I got a phone call from the chairperson to attend last week’s meeting.

“We have called you here because we want you to talk about breasts,” said the chairperson.

“Oh that’s great! Breast cancer is a main killer, we need to talk about how to prevent it,” I interrupted.

“No, no, no doctor, pay attention to what we are here for,” she said looking at me sternly, “it is about breasts as sex organs.”

I sat back, trying to figure out what this was all about. “Yes, tell us about breast orgasm,” shouted a member from the back bench. “How can we stop the sagging,” said another. “And we want breast implants to enlarge sizes,” said the vice-chairperson.

I stood up and waved at the members to be orderly, thinking of how to structure the discussion.

It is true that breasts have many functions. We cannot discredit the nutritional function for the baby and it is important that women breastfeed their babies exclusively for six months.

“We know that,” a member shouted amid laughter.


The other function is aesthetic. Breasts give women a figure and we have to appreciate the beauty that comes with it. Many women are obsessed with breast size but size does not really matter because you are made to project a beauty based on your whole body structure rather than just your breast size. It is therefore fine to have small, medium or big breasts.

“I do not agree, I think men like big boobs,” a member interrupted.

Studies done on what attracts men to a woman have discounted the theory that big breasts matter. Men are attracted by your overall body structure, your personality and your demeanour. This is not to say that you should not take care of your body and look good; looking good gives you confidence and it is important.

The same argument stands for sagging of the breasts. Never deny your baby the natural gift of breast milk for fear of your breasts losing turgidity. Sagging is a result of a multiplicity of factors, not just breast feeding. Hormones and age have a big role to play and at a certain age it just happens. Remember that sagging of breasts does not change who you are and you should not spend sleepless nights worrying about it. Just get the right size of bra to hold them up nicely and you are good to go.

I am sure by now you have realised that breast implants may not really be necessary. A number of women argue that it gives them the confidence and boosts their personality. But just remember that it is your overall being that matters rather than the shape and size of one bit of your body.


“You haven’t talked of nipple orgasm,” a member reminded me.

Well, it is true that the breast is an important sex organ. Men are attracted to breasts first because it gives them fond memories of their intimate relationships with their mothers. Secondly, they do get pleasure in manipulating the breasts. Some women have very high nipple sensitivities while others have only dull sensations. Always communicate with your partner on how much pressure they should apply on the breasts. The more sensitive a breast is, the less the pressure needed to stimulate it. Those with low sensitivity may require biting or nipple clips to be stimulated.

It is now known that the part of the brain that responds to stimulation of the clitoris is the same one that responds to nipple stimulation. As such, orgasm can happen with proper stimulation of the nipples.

There was applause in the room. Members stood up clapping. I did not expect this. The chairperson came to me and whispered that there had been a heated argument in a previous meeting on whether orgasm could happen from nipple stimulation.

I once again gestured at members to be orderly.

But breasts are only as important as they are if they are healthy. There are many diseases that afflict the breast but the worst is breast cancer.

“Ok doctor, we knew you would finally get there, so what do you want us to do?” Asked the vice-chair.

Daily breast examination as you dress up and annual breast examination in hospital are important in early detection of cancer. When detected early, chances of cure are high.

“We are happy and we will do as advised sir,” said the chair as the meeting dispersed.